Authentic Native American Indian Salinan Dreamcatcher

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HK Item #DC63
Willow Dreamcatcher
William Banks - Salinan

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Native American Salinan Indian Dreamcatcher

Willow hoop with sinew web and wooden beads.

Native American Salinan Indian Dreamcatcher

Hoop is 5" wide X 6" tall;
22" from top of hoop to bottom of fringe
William Banks, Salinan
William Banks - Salinan
Willow Dreamcatcher
$28 plus s/h

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Paula says -

"This dreamcatcher by William Banks is very close to the earth with its willow hoop, sinew web and wooden beads. I get dreamy just looking at the center of the web!"

Native American Salinan Indian Dreamcatcher

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DREAM CATCHERS are known to the Indigenous peoples of the Americas to filter and destroy bad dreams, thoughts or negative influences, allowing the good, positive and enlightening influences and strong healing to take place. Totems, fetishes, ritual and ceremonial items significant to the owner are added for additional healing energies. Read more about dreamcatchers...

SPIDER WOMAN - She is the creator and weaver of life, the great teacher, protector and Mother of all creation. She manifests as Sacred Guardian, overseeing the welfare of all those in need. In her aspect as Creator and Mother, Spider Woman affirms that women are essential and central to the life process. She reminds us that people of all races were created from the same source, with equal rights and responsibilities.

SALINAN TRIBE - The Salinan Indians inhabited coastal and inland parts of what is now California for at least 10,000 years. Salinan peoples were divided into three regional groups: the Antoniano of the north, the Migueleno of the south, and the Playano of the coast. They were never a very populous nation and today they are centered in Monetery and San Luis Obispo counties. Salinas regard the eagle, the coyote, and the humming-bird as creators.

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