Authentic Native American Indian Apache Medicine Wheel Shield

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HK Item #DCS-15
Wolf Spirit Medicine Wheel Shield
Cynthia Whitehawk - Apache

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Native American Apache Indian Wolf Shield

This mini gourd Wolf Spirit Shield is mounted on a dream catcher. It is hand-painted hand-crafted Native American Ceremonial Healing Art.

Draped along the bottom of the dreamcatcher hoop are genuine turquoise beads, carved bone wolf claws, red glass mini crow beads, brass and bone beads.

6" diameter hoop wrapped in soft deer skin;
22" overall length from top of dreamcatcher hoop to tips of fringe.
Cynthia Whitehawk, Apache
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Native American Apache Indian Wolf Shield

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Cynthia Whitehawk - Apache
Wolf Spirit Medicine Wheel Shield
$115 plus s/h

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Paula says -

"Using rare skills and techniques Cynthia Whitehawk creates stellar pieces of art. This shield is mounted on a dreamcatcher and was entirely hand crafted, made in ceremony, with attention to detail and durability. Three wolves sing to the Medicine Wheel..."

Native American Apache Indian Wolf Shield

The cascading golden deerskin fringe is tipped with traditional copper jingle cones and beaded with traditional red horn, carved smoked bone, solid brass and copper beads.

This shield is hand painted with acrylics & enamels for rich vibrant colors. Notice the Medicine Wheel in the center of the shield painted in the colors of the Four Directions. There is a turquoise cabochon in the center of the shield. On the left side are five crimson and turquoise wolf tracks.

This piece is genuine, unique, entirely hand crafted, signed and dated by the artist. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Words from Apache artist Cynthia Whitehawk:

MINIATURES - The techniques used in the creation of this one of a kind art are the most difficult to master. Miniature pyrography (carving with fire) takes the utmost of patience, a precise clear vision, as well as an extremely delicate hand. Not only is miniature work the most difficult, but the most time consuming, add to that working on a slick rounded surface which requires the highest of skill. This art is extremely rare and only practiced by the most gifted of people.

DREAM CATCHERS - Dreamcatchers originated in the Ojibwa Nation and were later adopted by Native Americans of a number of different Nations. The dreamcatcher was based on a willow hoop on which was woven a net or web of sinew. It was then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads. Some consider the dreamcatcher a symbol of unity among the various Indian Nations, and a general symbol of identification with Native American or First Nations cultures. Others believe that dreamcatchers protect sleepers from nightmares - the web allows only good dreams to pass through while holding bad dreams to perish in the light of day.

SPIRIT SHIELD - Shields are ancient ceremonial tools, providing protection from that which would harm or divert one from the good path, bringing strength and healing through ones power totems, Spirit Animals and Beings, and Mother Earths elements.

MANDALA - A design symbolic of the universe that is used in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation. An Apache mandala is a hoop similar to a dreamcatcher but instead of a web the hoop is filled with yarn, feathers, fur and usually has feathers hanging from the bottom. Mandala is something you hang for prosperity and good fortune on a door or wall inside your office, home, hogan, or tipi.

SPIDER WOMAN - She is the creator and weaver of life, the great teacher, protector and Mother of all creation. She manifests as Sacred Guardian, overseeing the welfare of all those in need. In her aspect as Creator and Mother, Spider Woman affirms that women are essential and central to the life process. She reminds us that people of all races were created from the same source, with equal rights and responsibilities.

WOLF SPIRIT - Wolf Medicine brings a high sense of loyalty and strength, especially to family and children. Great social skills, friendly, and gregarious. Ability of incredible strength, stamina, and communication both in physical and Spiritual realms. Naturally creative, noble, passionate, with the ability of profound understanding.

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