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Zuni Fetishes and Carvings

Animal Powers   

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Various animals and figures are used for particular purposes as they represent certain powers.

Zuni Eagle Fetish Carving
Eagle -
Spirit, Vision, Truth, a link to the Great Spirit
Zuni Bear Fetish Carving
Bear -
Soul Strength, Power from Within, Introspection, Healing.
Zuni Mountain Lion Fetish Carving
Wolf - Teacher, Pathfinder, Clarity, Survival
Zuni  Buffalo Fetish Carving
Mountain Lion - Leadership, Protection for Travelers and Success for Hunters
Zuni  Badger Fetish Carving
Badger - Aggressiveness, Perseverance
Zuni  Badger Fetish Carving
Mole - The Protector of the Underworld and Crops, Awareness, Introspection
Zuni  horse Fetish Carving
Horse - Power of Healing, Strength, Partnership
Zuni  Snake Fetish Carving
Snake - Transmutation: Life, Death, Rebirth; also very connected to lightning and important in Zuni ceremonies
Zuni  Turtle Fetish Carving
Corn Maiden - Strength, wisdom, creation - Life itself
Zuni  Turtle Fetish Carving
Butterfly - Beauty, Transformation, Change
Zuni  Turtle Fetish Carving
Turtle - Longevity, Tenacity, Oldest symbol of Mother Earth
Zuni  Coyote Fetish Carving
Coyote - Master Trickster, Laughter, Humor, Foolishness
Zuni  Buffalo Fetish Carving
Rabbit - Gentleness, Innocence, Virtue, Serenity, Fertility
Zuni  Buffalo Fetish Carving
Buffalo - Prophecy and Fulfillment
Zuni  Beaver Fetish Carving
Beaver - Diligence, Family Unity
Zuni  Fox Fetish Carving
Fox - Camouflage, Clever, Loyal
Zuni  Buffalo Fetish Carving
Owl - Guardian and protector of the Home, True Wisdom, Ability to see what others cannot
Zuni  Buffalo Fetish Carving
Frog - Invokes the spirits to bring Rain, Luck and Fertility
Deer - Grace, Agility and Speed
Zuni  Buffalo Fetish Carving
Otter - Female side, Laughter, Curiosity
Dog - Loyalty, True Friend
Zuni  Buffalo Fetish Carving
Raven - Magic, Mystery, Shift in Consciousness
Mouse - Scrutiny, Attention to detail
Squirrel - Gathering, Planning
Zuni  Bobcat Fetish Carving
Bobcat (Lynx) - Clairvoyance, Secret-Keeper
Spider - Creativity
Zuni, Navajo
Animal Carvings
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