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Seven Vintage Pins

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vintage pins

All of these pins are at least 60 years old,
and probably more like 100.

Seven Vintage Pins

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  • Heavy mysterious pin with two topaz colored faceted stones; 3" long; no markings; locking pin finding
  • Metal pin; 2" long; locking pin finding
  • Blue and Copper colored pin; 2" long; C style closure
  • Gold tone pin; 1 1/4"; C style closure
  • Blue flower pin; 1" long; C style closure; the blue flower petals are inlaid with some blue material; the center of the flower is a tiny pearl. One of the flowers is missing the pearl but all 4 prongs are there in perfect shape to accept a new tiny pearl should you care to repair !
  • Pair of English Spur or Wishbone pins. 1 /2" long; locking pin finding; pearls are secure in both pins.

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