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What is the Bargain Barn?




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Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of buckles and keepers
Lot of Buckles and Keepers
BBS35 - $30
Barrel racer belt buckle
Barrel Racer
NOS - BBU56 - $50
silver plated  belt buckle
Mexico Silver Plated
BBU41 - $25

Southwestern consho style belt buckle
BBU51 - $50

Vintage ram with turquoise and coral belt buckle
Ram, Turquoise and Coral
BBU67 - $35

Standardbred racing horse belt buckle
Standardbred Racing Horse
BBU33 - $15

What is the Bargain Barn?

Horsekeeping LLC Book and Videos, horse articles, Native American jewelryOur Bargain Barn is a mixed bag of new and used items. They might come from inheritances, estate sales, private collections, and store liquidations. We'll give you as much information as we can, but often the materials, date and origin are unknown.
Bargain Barn items are sold as described and are not returnable.

For vintage items visit our Vintage Shop.

For new items visit our New Jewelry Store. customer commentsNative American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationCustomer Comments

"I was tickled with each and every item. You had them wrapped up so good and safe. They arrived here all just fine. The turtle earrings are great! It is cool the way they're made so they have that glistening look to them." - DE

"Beautiful set of bracelets, exactly as described and very good quality. Thanks !" - Carol

"I received my two purses, the wallet and the seven silver bracelets. Everything was packaged very well, I love EVERYthing, and thank you so much for my purchases. I really like them, they are exactly as pictured, no surprises, except of course how well everything is made and how everything has stood up to the sands of time. I will be perusing your site again, looking for more goodies. Thanks, again!!" - PW

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Eagle belt buckle
NOS - BBU64 - $125 SOLD
Montana Silversmiths belt buckle
Heavy Silver Plated
NOS - BBU60 - $75 SOLD
Dressage Horse head belt buckle
Dressage Horse Head
BBU30 - $30 SOLD
Montana Silversmiths Texas belt buckle
Montana Silversmiths Texas
NOS - BBU59 - $75 SOLD
shadowbox inlay  belt buckle
Shadowbox Inlay
BBU66 - $65 SOLD
Buffalo skull belt buckle
Buffalo Skull
NOS - BBU63 - $75 SOLD
Buffalo skull belt buckle
Crumrine L
NOS - BBU54 - $75 SOLD
Montana Silversmiths L belt buckle
Montana Silversmiths L
NOS - BBU58 - $50 SOLD
Buffalo skull belt buckle
Buffalo Skull
NOS - BBU57 - $65 SOLD
Chip Inlay Alpaca belt buckle
Alpaca Chip Inlay
BBU65 - $75 SOLD

Buffalo skull belt buckle
Buffalo Skull
BBU53 - $65 SOLD

horseshoe belt buckle
BBU62 - $20 SOLD
Montana Silversmiths belt buckle
Reining Horse
NOS - BBU61 - $75 SOLD
End of the Trail belt buckle
Gold End of the Trail
BBU52 - $100 SOLD
running horses  belt buckle
Running Horses
BBU44 - $20 SOLD
Inlay End of the Trail belt buckle
Inlay End of the Trail
BBU50 - $50 SOLD
Inlay Eagle Sun belt buckle
Inlay Eagle Sun
BBU48 - $65 SOLD
Inlay End of the Trail belt buckle
Inlay End of the Trail
BBU49 - $75 SOLD
Inlay Indian chief belt buckle
Inlay Indian Chief
BBU47 - $75 SOLD
Brass and wood inlay belt buckle
Hand-tooled Leather
BBU46 - $25 SOLD
Bureau of Reclamation bronze  belt buckle
Bureau of Reclamation Bronze
BBU42 - $30 SOLD
Pleasure Horse  belt buckle
Pleasure Horse
BBU34 - $30 SOLD
bucking horse  belt buckle
Bucking Horse
BBU35 - $25 SOLD
Silver Strike Western Horse belt buckle
Silver Strike Western Horse
BBU36 - $50 SOLD
Mother of Pearl  belt buckle
Wabi-Sabi Mother of Pearl
BBU40 - $26 SOLD
Jumping horse belt buckle
Jumping Horse
BBU31 - $30 SOLD
Horse head and turquoise stones belt buckle
Horse Head with Turquoise
BBU32 - $35 SOLD
Peyote Bird chip inlay  belt buckle
Chip Inlay Peyote Bird
BBU39 - $60 SOLD
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