Vintage Costume Jewelry Necklaces

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Three Vintage Bib Necklaces
HK Item #BBN01

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Vintage  necklaces

These three necklaces are all from the same era and the similar length, so I grouped them together. They were acquired in the 1960s and at that time, they were vintage US made costume jewelry obtained from a second hand/antique store. That is all we know about their origin.

Each piece is more beautiful in person than the photos will show.

Measurement. These are difficult to get an exact measurement since each has a dip in the center, so the length stated represent the length from fastener to fastening point with necklace spread out but not stretched tight. So there is a bit more "length" than what I've reported due to the dip in the center.

Wonderful princess material or for the costume department of a theatre organization.


Three Vintage Bib Necklaces

$85 SOLD

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Vintage  necklaces

The top necklace has deep patina and is made up of leaves and embellished with pearls and rhinestones, all intact. 16".

Vintage  necklaces

The center necklace is a cross between a cross and a butterfly. It has three larger green stones and pearls and lavender stones. Very pretty. 15 1/2".

Vintage  necklaces

The lower necklace is replete with bright, cheery large rhinestones with a kind of snake chain necklace portion. Alas, there are two stones missing, but you may have not even noticed! This necklace has three large lobes. In the lower portion of the right lobe, there is a stone missing. Also, it appears there was once a stone on the loop end. You see a pink stone on one clasp end and no stone on the other end,but I think there once was there.

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