Stacked Animal Fetish Necklace

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Stacked Animal Fetish Necklace
HK Item #BBN52

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 Stacked Animal Fetish Necklace with Kachina

28" total inside circumference;
Center kachina 2" tall;
animals are approx 1" long
unknown (appears to be turquoise-like plastic)
Pre-owned, like new, carvings intact with no cracks, chips or missing pieces

 Stacked Animal Fetish Necklace with Kachina

28" total inside circumference.
Centerpiece is a sunface kachina.

 Stacked Animal Fetish Necklace with Kachina

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Stacked Animal Fetish Necklace


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Paula says - "This full stack necklace is not Native American made. We are putting it in the Bargain Barn as unknown origin."

 Stacked Animal Fetish Necklace with Kachina

Animals include bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, ram, several types of birds, fish, turtle, armadillo, owl, goat, buffalo and more.

A "squaw wrap" is where the ends of a necklace are permanently wrapped together so the necklace is slipped over the head to take it on and off.



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Melt value is usually far below what we would offer for the jewelry. Yet we can't pay retail price for items because of the time and cost involved in finding new homes for them. We have to research, often repair and restore the jewelry, photograph and list each item on our website, and sometimes hold pieces in inventory for years until the right buyer comes along.

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