Authentic Native American Hopi Indian Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Hopi Sterling Silver Overlay
Man-in-a-Maze Bracelet
HK Item #PC163 - Medium

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Hopi Sterling Silver Bracelet

Paula says -

"This Hopi bracelet is in excellent condition - it looks just like new!"

Sterling Silver Read about silver
7 1/8" total inside including gap
1 1/4" between ends
34 grams
Artist's symbol which is 3 circles
Cyrus Josytewa
Cyrus Josytewa, Hopi

What is Overlay?

Overlay pieces are made of two layers. The bottom layer is a solid sterling silver piece. The top layer has a cutout design. The cutout is placed over the bottom layer and the two pieces are "sweated" together, that is heated so that they become one.

The bottom layer (background to the cutout) is usually accented. The Navajo silversmiths oxidize the bottom layer which darkens it. Hopi silversmiths oxidize and etch the background (texturize it) with hashmarks.


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Cyrus Josytewa - PAWN
Hopi Sterling Silver Overlay
Man-in-a-Maze Bracelet
PC163 - Medium

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Hopi Sterling Silver Bracelet

Hopi Sterling Silver Bracelet

Hopi Sterling Silver Bracelet

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What is the "Man in the Maze"?

The figure known as the "Man in the Maze," depicts a man entering or exiting a labyrinth. It is a theme seen on baskets from as far back as the nineteenth century and occasionally in Hopi silver art. Such depictions of labyrinths are also found in ancient petroglyphs (Native American rock art).

The symbol can represent a person's journey through life. The maze contains many twists and turns, meant to represent choices made in life. The center is round and dark, so the journey can be from darkness to light or vice versa depending on which way you are headed!

Some interpret the center as a representation of a person's dreams and goals. When you reach the center, you have reached your goals and the sun god there blesses you and helps you pass into the next world.

Another interpretation of this symbol is that the man represents the human seed and the maze is the womb. As the man enters the maze, he creates new life which represents reincarnation or eternal life.

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