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vintage sterling silver Turquoise Snake earrings
Zuni Turquoise Snake
Ray Nieto, Zuni
NOS - E236 - $35 SOLD
vintage sterling silver post hoop earrings
George Kee, Navajo
White Buffalo Collection
NOS - E209 - $75 SOLD
NOS Turquoise Butterfly post Earrings
Turquoise Butterfly
White Buffalo Collection
E362 - $45 SOLD
Authentic Native American sterling silver post jacla earrings by Santo Domingo Louise Pete
Classy Lady Collection
E344 - $45 SOLD
Authentic vintage NOS Native American sterling silver and mother of pearl inlay post earrings
Vintage MOP
White Buffalo Collection
E322 - $55 SOLD
Authentic Native American Vintage NOS Sterling Silver Eagle Shield with Feather wire Earrings by Navajo Tommy Singer
Eagle Shield with Feather
Tommy Singer, Navajo
White Buffalo Collection
NOS - E375 - $125 SOLD
Authentic Native American sterling silver eagle with feather earrings
Eagle with Feather Dangle
E306 - $75 SOLD
Vintage Trail of Tears beaded wire earrings
Vintage Trail of Tears
Fancy Dancer Collection
E352 - $30 SOLD
vintage Navajo cuff earrings grouip
Stamped Cuff with Stud Dangle
White Buffalo Collection

NOS - E290- $45 SOLD
Authentic Native American Navajo malachite wire-style Earrings
Vintage Malachite
Angeline Miller, Navajo
E310 - $45 SOLD
vintage Native American sterling silver post earrings
Ryalan Edaakie, Zuni
White Buffalo Collection
NOS Zuni - E267 - $125 SOLD
Vintage beaded ball post earrings
Sunface Kachina
White Buffalo Collection
E362 - $65 SOLD
vintage sterling silver earrings
Helen Slim, Navajo
E177 - $75 SOLD
Authentic Vintage Native American Navajo NOS Sandcast Stamped Cross Wire Earrings
Vintage Sandcast Cross
White Buffalo Collection
NOS Navajo
E333 - $45 SOLD
Native American Zuni NOS Inlay Bird earrings wire-style
Inlay Jay Bird
White Buffalo Collection
NOS Zun -
E259B - $75 SOLD

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MORE EARRINGS:  Wire-Style  |  Post-Style  |  Clip-Cuff  |  Animal Fetish  |  Pawn  |  Bargain Barn

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