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Bare Skin Barrier for Horses
Fly and Insect Relief

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  • Stop Biting Flies from Chest to Tail
  • Stop Tail Rubbing
  • Stop the stomping by applying on your horse's legs
  • Protects Open Sores & Wounds from Fly & Insect Infestation
  • Stop Mane & Tail Itch
  • Approved OMRI #NBC-4022 Safe for Lactating Mares, Dairy cows, Goats & Organic Livestock

Signs that flies are bothering your horse:

  • Rubbing, rubbing, rubbing
  • Short, broken, messed hair at the top of the tail from rubbing
  • Small scabs under the belly, under the jaw, on the chest, between the legs, in front of the sheath or udder
  • Frequent head shaking from gnats in the ears
  • Constant stomping

Ready-to-use 4 oz bottle yields 120 applications
Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba, Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil



Natures Balance Bare Skin Barrier Fly Protection for Horses

Bare Skin Barrier for Horses
4 ounces

"We tested a four ounce sample of Bare Skin Barrier on four horses that were out on pasture.. We live in a semi-arid climate at 7000 feet in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies.

"Here's what we did. Every morning at chores we visited each of our four horses and applied BSB to the following areas:

- the chest,
- in front of the sheath or udder,
- behind elbows and girth area,
- face,
- ears, inside and out.
- the inside hind legs of one mare where there were fly scabs
and under the jaw as needed where there were scabs

"We observed the behavior and comfort level of the horses throughout the day and never felt that we had to reapply the product until the next morning. When we started using BSB, some of the horses already had small crusty areas from previous fly bites. These cleared up within a week or so. After we had been using BSB for a while, we found we didn't need to apply BSB as frequently - there seemed to be a residual effect.

"The four ounce sample bottle lasted us a full month for four horses.

"With Bare Skin Barrier, since it is natural and non-toxic, we could apply it with our bare hands. We found that "less is more". Unlike creams and other products that we used to slather on, this only takes a small amount.

"One reason we tried BSB is that I am sensitive to chemicals and really can't stand to be around traditional fly products. I found that BSB smells great and I don't mind being around it at all. "

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