Press Release - 101 Horsekeeping Tips with Cherry Hill VHS Series

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Horsekeeping® Videos Introduces 3-Video Set with Cherry
3-Video Set VHS

For Immediate Release7/16/2004

Horsekeeping® Videos announces the release of 101 Horsekeeping Tips, an innovative 3-video set featuring Cherry Hill, America's best known equine author.

Each video is packed with practical ideas that will help you take better care of your horses, save you money, make your horse handling safer and more effective, enable you get the most out of your precious horse time, and make horsekeeping a pleasure for both you and your horses.

Cherry Hill brings her trademark "reader friendly" style of writing to these videos, making the valuable horsekeeping information fun to watch and easy to understand. 101 Horsekeeping Tips is designed for viewers of all ages and of all levels of horse experience.

101 Horsekeeping Tips consists of 3 volumes:

Volume 1: Handling and Grooming - approximately 46 minutes
Volume 2: Feeding and Health Care - approximately 50 minutes
Volume 3: Facilities and Tack - approximately 47 minutes


Cherry Hill is a life-long horsewoman and author of more than 30 books and videos on horse training and care, including the best-sellers How To Think Like A Horse, Horsekeeping On A Small Acreage, 101 Arena Exercises,, and Cherry Hill's Horse Care for Kids. Her husband, Richard Klimesh, is co-author with Cherry Hill of Horse Housing, videographer, photographer and illustrator of many Cherry Hill books.

101 Horsekeeping Tips videos are available retail and wholesale from Horsekeeping® Videos, contact information below. Retail price of the 3-video set is $99.95 plus $10 shipping. Individual volumes are $44.95 plus $6 shipping.

Richard Klimesh
Horsekeeping® LLC
PO Box 140
Livermore CO 80536

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