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from Cherry Hill

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  Horse Hoof Care

January 2009

Hoof Care: Basics from the Ground Up

A horse’s hooves are his foundation. Without proper hoof care, an otherwise well-groomed, good-natured horse can become lethargic, sullen, resentful and even lame. Well-maintained hooves allow a horse’s nobility to emerge, and give horse caregivers the joy of a sound animal.

Cherry Hill, internationally known trainer and author, and Richard Klimesh, Certified Master Farrier, have coauthored Horse Hoof Care, the fifth book in Hill’s Horsekeeping Skills Library. It’s the only book any horse owner will need to properly care for four of the most important parts of any equine. Starting with an easy-to-understand chapter on general hoof anatomy, Hill and Klimesh explain what exactly a farrier does, what skills a horse owner needs to master, why horse owners need farriers, and when to call in a veterinarian rather than a farrier. Other chapters bust hoof care myths, cover the best flooring for horse facilities, and demonstrate the best ways to accustom a horse to leg handling.

Tack and tools are discussed in detail; boots, shoes, nails, and hoof tools are explained in terms of their use and the conditions under which they are needed. Hill and Klimesh add to the storehouse of knowledge contained in Horse Hoof Care with informational sidebars and “case notes” from actual situations. Over 300 black-and-white photographs and detailed illustrations offer a spectrum of the good, the bad, and the ugly – from healthy bare feet and properly shod hooves to neglected hooves, incorrect shoeing, hoof disease and lameness. Preventive measures are provided throughout the book to avoid these unnecessary conditions.

From addressing gait problems to training a horse for shoeing, from feeding a balanced diet for hoof care to daily shoe inspections, if it affects a horse’s foot health, it’s covered in Horse Hoof Care. A glossary of equine terms, a resource guide, and a list of related reading round out this vital information source.

Cherry Hill, internationally renowned instructor, horse trainer, and author of more than 30 horse books, and Richard Klimesh, a Certified Master Farrier, who has written hundreds of articles on hoof care and horse facilities, care for their horses on a 70-acre ranch in Colorado. Richard is the webmaster of and the producer of Horsekeeping Videos.

Horse Hoof Care
Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh
Storey Publishing, January 2009
Black-and-white photographs and illustrations throughout
160 pages, 8 ½"x 10?"
$19.95 Paper
ISBN 978-1-60342-088-4

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