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Anvil Magazine 1983   Complete Year - 6 Issues
Back when Anvil was published bi-monthly)

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Anvil Magazine 1983 issues

        • Very Good condition; newsprint somewhat yellowed from age
        • No tears or rips
        • Folded across middle from mailing
        • "X" mark in ink on upper right front page of four issues
        • all have mailing label: "Klimesh*Richard..."
        • crossword puzzle filled out in pencil in the Sep/Oct issue
1983 Anvil Magazines


  • Farrier Panel Featured at AERC Convention
  • Custominzing the Rounding Hammer by Dennis Manning
  • Shoeing Student from Japan by Bill Miller
  • Apprenticship a Fair Exchange? by David Crouthamel
  • 12th Annual Convention Schedule, Houston
  • The Value of an Organized Rig by Larry Crawford
  • Seminar at Chisolm's Forge


  • Texans Host AFA Convention
  • All You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Ass But Were Afraid to Ask by Dr. Tex Taylor
  • The Wide Webbed Shoe by Bruce Northridge
  • Horseshoeing School: All That Glitters is Not Gold by H. Garleb
  • 1983 AFA Convention Contest Champions
  • The Country Horseshoer (The Village Blacksmith reworded by Dennis Manning)





  • Green and Brown Colorful Winners at Mule Days
  • 1983 Mule Shoeing Results
  • Brief History of Mule Days
  • Navicular Disease by Heather Smith Thomas
  • Farriers of the Blue and the Gray by Scott Borello
  • Hot Fitting Horseshoes by Morris Bray
  • How I Sharpen My Hoof Knives by Dave Willis
  • Calgary Stampede and Exhibition History


  • Marshall Does It Again! (wins World Blacksmith Competition)
  • Are Your Horse's Feet Correctly Balanced? by Gene Freeze
  • The Men Who Judged at Calgary


  • California Forging Contest Goes Hollywood
  • Interview with Walt Taylor
  • The Shoeing Contest by David Crouthamel
  • Treating the Navicular Horse by Catherine Peters


  • Rocky Mountain Farriers Hold Clinic/Contest
  • Tetanus in the Horse by William E. Jones, DVM
  • Thrush by Heather Smith Thomas
  • The Aluminum Myth by Chuck Michel

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