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Anvil Magazine 1984
5 issues (missing
Nov/Dec. issue)
Back when Anvil was published bi-monthly


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Anvil Magazine 1984


Anvil Magazine 1984



  • Making the Sparks Fly in North Carolina
  • OFA and FAWS Hosd Joint Convention
  • Gene Freeze Guest Speaker at NMPHA Clinic
  • Free Horseshoeing Clinic in Virginia
  • The Road Back from a Bowed Tendon
  • Hoof Pads for the Flat-Footed Horse
  • Where is the Horse Industry?
  • Jack Kohler's Hoof Measuring Tape
  • We've Come a Long Way...Maybe!


  • Dallas Prizes Exceed $20,000!
  • Revoltin' Remedies
  • What Every Horse Owner Should Know About the Wild Horse Situation
  • Building a Forge Fire
  • The Equine Lameness Exam


  • Sunny Oregon Skies Greet Conventioneers
  • International Competition Held at Corvallis
  • Horseshoers Panel Highlights AERC Convention
  • Physical Therapy of the Horse
  • The Importance of Balance



  • Very Good condition; newsprint somewhat yellowed from age
  • No tears or rips
  • Folded across middle from mailing
  • "X" mark in ink on upper right front page of each issue
  • mailing labels: "Klimesh, Richard..."
    1984 Anvil Magazines


    • Shayne Carter Wins World Championship Competition
    • New Speed Record Set at Mule Days
    • The Gallantry of the Mule
    • 1984 Mustad World Championship Competition
    • Engineering a Race Horse Shoe
    • Rodeo: Pete Knight bronc rider


    • Malibu Scene of New World Class Event
    • Californians Do It Again!
    • NAHT Moves Up In International Competition
    • Forging Punches
    • Forging Bottleneck Pritchels
    • Horses, Burros and Helicopters
    • Back Flexion and Extension Exercises
    • Colic: the Causes, the Cure
    • Potomac Fever Research at New Bolton Center