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Professor Beery's Illustrated Course in HOrse Training 8-Book Set, 1944

$134 SOLD


Professor Beery's
lllustrated Course in Horse Training
8-Book Set, 1934

Beery School of Horsemanship

  • This is a complete 8 Book set on training horses.
  • It is out of print and so there is scarce availability.
  • Books are 9 x 6".
  • Book One - Colt Training - Confidence Lesson, Teaching "Get up", Teaching "Whoa", Getting Colt Ready to Drive, Overcoming Colt's Fears.
  • Book Two - Disposition and Subjection - How to Tell types 1 to 4, How to Tell combinations of Types, How to Handle Horses According to Their Dispositions, How to Give Subjection.
  • Book Three - Kicking and Balking - How to Handle Kickers of Types 2, 3 and 4. How to Handle Kickers of Mixed Types, Curing Balkers of Different Types.
  • Book Four - Shying and Running Away - How to Handle an Ordinary Shyer, How to Cure a Confirmed Shyer, Teaching the Command "Steady", How to Use Spinal Cord Pressure Bridle, How to Break Habit of Running Away.
  • Book Five - Bad to Shoe and Halter Pulling - How to Make Colt Gentle to Shoe, How to Handle a Horse Bad to Shoe, How to Break a "Halter Puller", Final Test for the Strap Breaker, The Handling of Bronchoes.
  • Book Six - Miscellaneous Habits - How to Cure Fear of Umbrellas, The Horse That Won't Stand Still, How to Break the Habit of Biting, How to Treat the Bit Lugger, How to Break Horse Bad to Saddle, How to Break Habit of Bucking.
  • Book Seven - Pony Training and Special Fears - Pony Training, Fear of Cars and Motorcycles, Throwing Pony While Standing at His Side, Training of Other Animals, The Story of Kate & Queen.
  • Book Eight - Teaching Tricks to Horses and Dogs - How to Teach horse to Say Yes and No, How to Teach a Horse to Jump, How to Teach Horse to Count, Tell Age, etc., How to Teach Various Other Tricks, How I Trained my Trick Dog, Snow White.
  • Many drawings and photos in each book.
  • The set of books is in very good condition. The interior pages are very good. There is no writing, tears, or soil except for the following:
  • The covers of a few of the books have some mild soiling per photo.
  • Pages are uniformly aged to a golden yellow.

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