Vintage Dooney & Bourke Authentic All-Weather Leather® Handbags

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Our Dooney & Bourke handbags are new and used.
We will provide as much detail as we know about each bag that we list.
Each handbag pictured will sell to the first person who sends payment.

Dooney & Bourke R57
Vintage Large Horseshoe Bag
HK Item #319

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Paula Says:

"The Large Horseshoe bag is my personal favorite and it must be the fave of most of the original owners too because we rarely are able to get these and when we do, they have often been really loved and used a ton! This bag has managed to avoid getting any major scrapes on the outside and there are no ink marks or makeup stains on the inside. One of the strap keepers went missing along the way, but that won't slow this old bag down !

"(Oh, and a very good customer of ours received a Taupe bag from us and said how much nicer and warmer the Taupe color is that she expected. She was expecting more of a bland grayish bag and instead got a bag with a warm, rich and interesting color. Yes, taupe is a vague and broadly used term and has a bad rap in general yet Taupe is the official name given to this color of leather by Dooney & Bourke. I've heard some people call it Mushroom but that is a darker, browner Dooney color.)"

Length (left to right)
10 1/2 inches
8 1/2 inches
Width (depth at base)
4 1/2 inches

Piping (trim)

British tan
TAG: Red, white and blue
"Made in USA" sewn inside?
B 188115
Yes, on back
Yes, duck
Drop length (on longest setting)
20 inches
4 inches shorter


Credit Card slots
4, long and deep
Zipper compartment
1, long
POCKETS Outside:
Total outside
Front pouch; Back slip
Brass pommel with leather tab on back
FASTENER, Front, type
Brass D-ring through slot in flap
Score (see chart below)
  • Pebbled All-Weather Leather®
  • 100% Brass Hardware
  • Very collectible
  • High volume versatile bag
  • No major stains or marks inside or out
  • Solid and functional
  • Leather is very supple with a great feel
  • No tears, damage, stains, missing or broken parts except as noted below
- Normal wear including light scratches, minor scuffing on piping, and soiling and darkening of light areas
- Missing one strap keeper above the square brass connector ring
- Some ink marks on interior of inside zip pocket and interior of rear slip pouch
$365 in 1996
( Write for quote outside USA )
$85 (US shipping included)

Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Hand Bag



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Dooney & Bourke - R57
Horseshoe Bag #319

$85 SOLD

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Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Hand Bag

The padded portion of the the comfortable
two-tone strap is in good condition.

Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Hand Bag
The supple leather has a great feel and there are no major marks or stains on the exterior.

Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Hand Bag
Interior of main bag and front pouch show only normal overall darkening for a bag of this light color, with no major stains.

Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Hand Bag

Generous front pouch.

Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Hand Bag

Darkening of strap and wear on piping.

Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Hand Bag

One keeper on the strap above
the brass ring is missing.

Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Hand Bag

Large capacity.

Return Policy

Questions or more details, write

By law, we are required to say that we are not employees of Dooney & Bourke and, to the best of our knowledge, each bag we have listed on our site is a 100% authentic Dooney & Bourke Handbag. If we can not verify the authenticity of a bag, we will mention it in the details.

Bag Condition Score Guidelines
10 Like New Just like new. Shows virtually no signs of use. All bags are pre-owned but the bags in this category do not appear to have been used.
9.5Almost New May have faint signs of use (will be noted specifically in description) but is almost new. There might be a scratch or light wear on the brass or a tiny scuff or stain on the leather. Read the details and look at the photos.
9Excellent No major problems. Everything is structurally in very fine shape and the bag has been very well cared for. Any slight problems will be noted in detail. There might be a scuff on the leather duck, or a very small stain inside. Read the details and look at the photos.
8Very Good Normal wear but very good care. May have a minor issue such as one small ink mark or slight darkening of leather in a spot. All problems will be noted in detail. Read the details and look at the photos.
7Good A bag that was used, well cared for and not abused. Will likely show some noticeable wear such as scuff marks on the bottom piping, some darkening of leather where handled such as the strap and fasteners. Read the details and look at the photos.
6Fair Might need a cleaning, minor repair - details will note this. These bags are usually located in our Grab Bag section. Some might be in excellent shape except for one stain or blemish. Read the details and look at the photos.

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