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Hand made Native American Indian Zuni Horse FetishFAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
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Who made this item?

Do you take special orders?

Can I get an item by Apache artist Cynthia Whitehawk?

Do you ship internationally?

Do you have an item like this one?

Why isn't the item I just purchased marked sold?

Why didn't I get an email confirming my order?

Why didn't I get a tracking email?

What kind of turquoise is this?

Why was my credit card not processed?

Do you ever have sales?

Are your prices negotiable?

Do you sell wholesale?

Do you offer a layaway plan?

Do you offer any discounts?

Can I buy only part of a set?

Is my Dooney bag authentic?



Who made this item? - I was hoping there would have been an invoice included with the name of the artists, native tribe or any other information about the bracelet I recently purchased.

Feel free to print your email invoice or better yet, any of the pages on our website with the product details. For example, go to the group bracelet page where you found the item, scroll to the bottom to the sold section and you will see your bracelet there - you can click to open individual pages and print them for your records.

Do you take special orders? - I have attached a photo of a very large man's concho belt from 1969. I would really like to have one made just like it. Can you make it, and how much would it cost?

We don't do any custom work here, but we highly recommend Henry Yazzie, a Navajo silversmith that makes items for our store. Diane is the manager there at My Favorite Silversmith in Phoenix. Here is their contact information:

Diane Radeke, manager
P. O. Box 55935 Phoenix, AZ 85078

Can I get an item by Apache artist Cynthia Whitehawk? - I would be very interested to buy a deerskin bag called Apache bag item #DFWH-224 Or one similar. Please contact me if any are available.By Cynthia Whitehawk.

Cynthia Whitehawk is no longer making items. What we have in our webstore is the last of her items.

Do you ship internationally? - I live in Switzerland and a while back I bought silver baby rattles on your website and I really want to buy another one for my newborn baby. I just saw that you stopped worldwide shipping. I imagine there’s no exception and I understand that. But I wanted to know if there is any another way to buy one of your beautiful baby rattle ? Do you sell on another site for example?

We have discontinued international shipping. We only ship to US addresses now. We found shipping to foreign countries too expensive, too many issues, lost packages, inability to track.

Do you have an item like this one?  Wondering if you might have this ring available in a size 7?

Everything we have available at this time is listed on our site. We do not take special orders. New items are added daily and appear on our new page.

Why is the item I just purchased still available on the page and not marked sold?  

We are a two person home business. When an item sells it might take a few minutes for the webmaster to mark it sold. If you order after business hours the item won't get marked sold until the following day.

Why didn't I get an email confirming my order? I paid by PayPal and my order went through but I never received a confirmation email.

The last step in the order process is clicking the FINISH button and this is what generates the confirmation email. Some people miss this step or skip it and so don't receive an order confirmation. Also, the email might have been sent but ended up in your spam or junk folder, so check there.

Why didn't I get a tracking email? I ordered from you 6 hours ago and am still waiting for an email with a tracking number. When will I ever get it?

Tracking emails are sent out automatically when labels are printed, usually at the end of every business day. Many times these emails end up in customers' spam or junk folders, so be sure to check those places.

What kind of turquoise is this?  I simply love this turquoise bracelet and wondered if you could tell me what mine the turquoise is from.

If we are sure of the source of the turquoise used for an item then we will add that information to the description on the page. Otherwise, we just don't know and don't want to guess. Read about turquoise here.

Why was my credit card not processed?  I put in my credit card info and all of what was asked. I am not sure why it was not processed. I would like to purchase the heishi necklace. Please advise.

Orders are streaming in here with no issues, so there is likely a problem on your end. The most common reasons a credit card order doesn't go through are:
   - poor internet connection
   - problem with the device you are using to place the order
   - not enough funds on your credit card
   - the address you entered does not match the one on file with your credit card provider
   - you haven't gone far enough in the order process

Here are step-by-step instructions you can follow to place your order.

Do you ever have sales?  I wonder if you ever have sales. If so, what time of year? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Christmas?

We have an ongoing sale. In an effort to move things to make room for more treasures here in our small store, I add a few items to the Sale Page every week, so keep it bookmarked to see the new additions. Everything on the Sale Page is at least 50% off.

Are your prices negotiable?  I'm interested in buying two concho belts and two squash blossom necklaces. Can you work with me a little bit on the pricing on this order?

Normally our prices are fixed, but when you are going to purchase $2000 or more of items at one time, its a good idea to write me and ask like you did. Especially if the items are in our vintage shop, I have a little wiggle room in the pricing.
If the items are new jewelry, I have less flexibility because the contemporary artists actually set their own prices and I try to honor that.
But on any items in our webstore, you can use the money order discount to receive up to a 20% discount. Read about discount here.

Do you sell wholesale?  I'm wondering if wholesale is something you do or would be interested in? I'm opening a shop and would love to carry some of the pieces that you're showing.

Thanks for your interest in our items. Usually we have only one of each item pictured and listed. We do not sell wholesale, only retail.

Do you offer a layaway plan?  I have been admiring a necklace in your vintage shop. I wonder if you do layaway.

We are not set up to offer layaway. However, you can quickly set up a "PayPal Credit" layaway plan with PayPal.

PayPal Layaway terms.Click the Apply Now button and follow the instructions.

Once you set up your plan with PayPal return to our website, add the item to your cart, choose the PayPal option. When the PayPal page opens it will ask if you want to use the PayPal Credit plan. Click yes.

Once you check out with PayPal, we ship the item to you and all future payments are between you and PayPal.

Do you offer any discounts?  I really like your website and plan to make you my go-to store for gifts. I wondered if you ever offered discounts on items?

We do have a 3-tiered money order discount. You can read about it here: Money Order Discount.

Can I buy only part of a set?  I am looking at the bracelet and necklace set you have in your Mexican shop. I wonder if I could just purchase the bracelet.

We don't break up sets.

Is my Dooney bag authentic? I just purchased a Dooney & Bourke handbag at a thrift store and wondered if you could tell me if it is authentic

Paula has discontinued answering questions about Dooney & Bourke handbags.

Paula's Vintage Dooney & Bourke Blog


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