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"Pomegranate" - Riding Bells
HK Item #BL37

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horse riding bells

Approximately 15" long from top of loop to bottom of bells, depending on how you attach and adjust.

Crow beads are cut from colored tubes of glass or plastic and tumbled and polished to give a smooth rounded, slightly oval finish. They commonly range in size from 6mm to 9mm with a 3mm hole. Crow beads are popular for decorating medicine bags, hair braids and some Native American styles of jewelry.

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Chrome Plated Steel Riding Bells

  • Hangs 15" long
  • 1/4" leather
  • Two 1 3/4" bells and two 1 1/2" bells
  • Crow beads: pomegranate, white
  • Copper slider

BL37 - $30 plus s/h 


horse riding bells


horse riding bells


Paula says - "Hang bells on your saddle horn or run them back through the loop to fasten on a ring, breast collar, or mane braid. Handy for warning bears, hikers and other critters of your presence or for just enjoying the cadence of your horse's gaits. Choose your colors and hit the trail!"
horse riding bells


"I ride in the national forest with not only bears, but cougar, wolf, coyotes, badgers-all of which we have seen. One of our riders has a set of these bells and we all LOVE them so I've ordered three. Thanks." - SS

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