Hand Made Native American Indian Ceremonial Drum

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Cynthia Whitehawk - Apache
Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum
HK Item #CD46

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Authentic Native American Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum

Head of drum is 10" diameter;
9" tall.
Gourd, rawhide, deer skin, pine wood, quality acrylic paints, dyes and natural sealer
Signed and dated by Cynthia Whitehawk.
Certificate of Authenticity signed by Artist is included.
Cynthia Whitehawk, Apache

Authentic Native American Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum

Authentic Native American Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum

The rawhide top is stretched across the drum head and laced down with rawhide thong using Apache lace design which is very strong and durable.

Authentic Native American Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum

The 12" hand-crafted, beater/drum stick is made from pine - sanded and sealed. The padded head is permanently attached and covered in honey colored deerskin, with wrist strap.

Authentic Native American Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum

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Cynthia Whitehawk - Apache
Anasazi Spirit Gourd Drum

CD46 - $625 plus s/h  

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Paula says - "This one of a kind Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum was entirely hand crafted from a strong, thick gourd.

"The natural chalice shape is beautiful to the eye and offers up a wonderful resonance. The entire gourd was carved out, sanded, dyed and sealed for a long life. The drum head is left natural so it can breath. (Read about drum care below)

"This is an authentic piece of enduring Native American art and a high quality drum! It omes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity."

Authentic Native American Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum

Authentic Native American Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum

The Anasazi Spirit designs around the base of the drum are pyrographed - carved with fire - and then dyed and painted.

Authentic Native American Anasazi Ancient Ancestors Spirit Gourd Drum

Drum Care Notes from the Artist:

If you live in a cold or moist environment, You might want to warm your drum before using. We've seen drummers warm their drums before playing by holding the drum over light bulbs. Natural heads can be affected by environmental factors, such as cold or moisture, so warming them tightens the head ever so slightly, bringing the true voice out. In a warm environment, this might not be necessary.

- Cynthia Whitehawk

From Apache Artist Cynthia Whitehawk

MY MISSION - We are thankful and honored to be able to respect the Spirits of the plants, animals and Mother Earths elements who give themselves and continue their life as healing tools for us. We offer these tools for Spiritual expression, to be in balance with Mother Earth and one's self.

About this drum - "Anasazi Ancient Ancestors" This natural, entirely hand crafted, healing tool instrument is a strong, thick gourd. Gourd is another of natures marvelous wood products, with organic cow rawhide stretched across, and laced down in Apache Lace design with incredibly strong rawhide thong. Gourd Drum is Pyrographed (carved with fire) and painted with Anasazi Spirit design. The Anasazi were the Ancient Puebloan culture in the four corners area starting at around 1200 BC. About 500 AD starts the use of the black and white pottery & ceremonial items. The Anasazi based their culture in part on astronomy, much like the Aztecs. The entire natural gourd is carved out, sanded, dyed, painted with highest quality acrylic paints, and a natural protective sealer for long life. The natural chalice shape offers beautiful resonance and style.

GOURDS - The gourd is an excellent resonator, used for millennia as musical instruments, super quality of sound , gourds provide quality rich clear sound from a smaller head and several 'voices' from one drum. Gourds and rawhide are natures creations and her canvas so slight "imperfections": not perfectly round, pretty swirl patterns, dots, or growth marks might be present. These are completely natural features enhancing the rustic beauty, just like a woods grain, & does not affect quality.

THE CEREMONIAL DRUM - Indigenous cultures of the Americas and Canada know and use the drum as the center of all songs, as the great communicator and healer. It is the catalyst for the Spirit of the songs to rise up to the Creator so that the prayers in those songs reach where they were meant to go. At all times, the sound of the drum brings completeness, awe, excitement, solemnity, deep inner relaxation, strength, courage, and the fulfillment to the songs. Every thing, every human action, and every energy revolves in rhythm. It is Mother Earths heartbeat giving her approval to those living upon her. It draws the Eagle to it, who carries the message to Creator.

DRUM CIRCLES - "From the Shamans of Mongolia, to the Minianka healers of West Africa, snd indigenous cultures across the Americas, therapeutic rhythm techniques have been used for thousands of years to create and maintain physical, mental and spiritual health." Michael Drake author of Therapeutic Effects of Drumming. Recent studies are indicating extreme positive effects for use of drum therapy, in a wide range of areas including stress, fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, mental illness, migraines, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke, paralysis, and emotional disorders.

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