Hand Made Native American Apache Indian Ceremonial Rattle

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Cynthia Whitehawk - Apache
Wolf Medicine Wheel Amulet Rattle

HK Item #RT912

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Native American Apache Wolf Spirit Amulet Rattle

2 1/2" tall
1 1/4" wide
Gourd, glass trade beads, copper beads, nickel beads, deerskin, turquoise
Signed by Cynthia Whitehawk
Cynthia Whitehawk, Apache

Native American Apache Wolf Spirit Amulet Rattle

Native American Apache Wolf Spirit Amulet Rattle

There is a turquoise cabochon in the center of the Medicine Wheel.

How This Rattle was Made

"Each gourd (gourd is another of Mother Nature's wood items) is grown and crafted with respect and ceremony. PYROGRAPHY is used - carving into the surface with fire. Followed by using archival quality dyes, paints & sealer to accent the design, letting the beauty of the natural gourd shine through." - Cynthia Whitehawk


Cynthia Whitehawk - Apache
Wolf - Medicine Wheel
Amulet Rattle
Comes with velvet cloth pouch and certificate of authenticity.

RT912 - $90 plus s/h  


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Paula says -

"This tiny gourd was hand carved, painted and wood burned then hollowed out and filled with tiny glass beads. There are no is no glue-on decals, no tracings or appliqués used.

"It is an amulet, it is a pendant, it is a rattle ! Once you realize how small this amulet is (see the dime?) and how delicate the work is, you will come to appreciate the expert skill that went into making it."

Native American Apache Wolf Spirit Amulet Rattle

Dime above shows scale of amulet.

Deer hide thong has a 17 inch drop length, that is, 34 inches total of neck strap. Adjustable by tying knot anywhere.

Native American Apache Wolf Spirit Amulet Rattle

There are wolf tracks around the amulet.

Native American Apache Wolf Spirit Amulet Rattle

Signed and dated by the artist on the bottom.

Return Policy  

From Apache Artist Cynthia Whitehawk

MY MISSION - We are thankful and honored to be able to respect the Spirits of the plants, animals and Mother Earths elements who give themselves and continue their life as healing tools for us. We offer these tools for Spiritual expression, to be in balance with Mother Earth and one's self.

MINIATURES - The techniques used in the creation of this one of a kind art are the most difficult to master. Miniature pyrography (carving with fire) takes the utmost of patience, a precise & clear vision, as well as an extremely delicate hand. Not only is miniature work the most difficult, but the most time consuming, add to that working on a slick & rounded surface which requires the highest of skill. This art is extremely rare and only practiced by the most gifted of people.

RATTLES - To First Nations people, shakers or rattles represent rain (for Prayers of abundance & prosperity) and tears, especially those of emotional release. Tears of joy signifying when the mind, body, soul & Spirit connect. Ceremonially, rattles are used in cleansing and purifying, Spiritual guidance work, Celebration and in thanks and respect to Ancestral Spirits.

WOLF - Wolf Medicine brings a high sense of loyalty and strength, especially to family & children. Great social skills, friendly, and gregarious. Ability of incredible strength, stamina, & communication both in physical & Spiritual realms. Naturally creative, noble, passionate, with the ability of profound understanding.

MEDICINE WHEEL - The Medicine Wheel represents American Indian Spirituality - the journey each individual must take to find his or her path. The Medicine Wheel is based on the four cardinal directions and the four sacred colors. A circle represents life; at the center of the circle is the eternal fire.

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