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Authentic Native American
Ceremonial Rattles

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Authentic Native American Birdhouse mini gourd Rattle Necklaces by Lakota Alan Monroe
Birdhouse Mini Gourds
Alan Monroe, Lakota
RT944 - $145
Authentic Native American bottle neck mini gourd rattles by Lakota Alan Monroe
Bottle Neck Mini Gourds
Alan Monroe, Lakota
RT943 - $125
Authentic Native American bottle neck mini gourd horse spirit Rattle Necklace by Lakota Alan Monroe
Horse Spirit
Bottle Neck Mini Gourd

Alan Monroe, Lakota
RT949 - $125

Native American Indian ceremonial rattle

Ceremonial Items

Native American Lakota animal stick wall hangings
Animal Stick Wall Hangings

Lakota Spirit Horse  Dance Stick
Dreamcatcher Dance Sticks
David Hoff-Grindstone, Lakota

About Native American Rattles

- Native American rattles have been and are used for many purposes including healing and other medicine uses, dancing for ceremony and celebration, commemorating birth and more. To First Nations people, shakers or rattles represent rain (for prayers of abundance and prosperity) and tears, especially those of emotional release. Tears of joy signifying when the mind, body, soul and spirit connect. Ceremonially, rattles are used in cleansing and purifying, spiritual guidance work, celebration and in thanks and respect to Ancestral Spirits.

Rattles can be made of many materials including deer and elk hooves, rawhide, turtle shells, gourds, wood, buffalo parts (horn, hump bone, scrotum) bones, horns and antlers of all kinds, leather (cowhide, buckskin, elkskin).

The rattling items are either inside or outside. Rattles such as gourds might have small items inside such as beans, corn, small stones, or even the seeds native to the gourd itself. Rattles with external sound makers are adorned with pieces of metal, tinkle cones, bells, beads and more.

Generally, medicine rattles are made entirely of natural materials and the sound is more muted. Dance rattles are made of almost any materials, natural and otherwise. In fact, unusual items such as pieces of scrap metal, coins and other resonating materials are used to create a loud, crisp sound. Dance rattles are often made like a coup stick, using bone or wood with a handle on the end.

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