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How To Think Like A Horse
How to Think Like A Horse by Cherry Hill
Making Not Breaking by Cherry Hill

Learning In Horses    

Horses, no matter what age, are constantly learning from their interactions with humans.  Whether or not you consider your interaction with your horse a "formal training session" or not, your horse is learning.  This is true whether you are longeing, riding, feeding, bathing, or just walking through your horse's stall or pasture.  Whenever the two of you are in the same space together, you horse is learning what he should and should not do and, in some cases, what he can or cannot get away with.  Your goal is to learn about horse behavior and plan your interactions carefully so you help your horse develop good habits.  It is the joy of owning horses to say "Good Boy!" or "Good Girl" and give your horse a pat when he or she does something well.  And it is your responsibility to learn how to say "No!" effectively to your horse when he does something unwanted or dangerous.

    Bad habits usually result from a lack of the Basics. When a horse doesn't learn his ABC's, he must go back to the Basics and have a thorough and consistent review.  Your job is to tell your horse "No!" and help him find a different way to behave so he is safer and more pleasant to handle.  

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  2006 Cherry Hill 

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