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How to Buy a Horse or Sell the One You Have 
by Cherry Hill 

hardbound; 210 pages; 150 photos & drawings

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The Gaited Horse
Winter 2004

It's the worst part of owning horses. Whether you are breeding your own dream horses to your own ideals, or have purchased a horse that for whatever reason isn't working out for you, having to sell a horse can be a daunting, doubtful experience. Sending your babies off with strangers, or having your expectations of a horse's value deflated can be disheartening if not downright scary.

The down-to-earth problem solving skills of the author once again come to rescue, whether you are the buyer or the seller. Sellers will learn how not to waste their time on people who are not right for their horse. Looky Lous, under-qualified buyers, or mismatches can often be weeded out by phone, email or video tape. Buyers learn what to look for, what to look out for and how to avoid falling in love at first sight whenever possible. Marketing, as well as paperwork and legalities are covered in depth, as are the nuts and bolts of buying.

Read, understood and followed, this is a book that could easily save you thousands of dollars, dozens of hours and maybe even a few broken bones. If ever you have considered buying or selling a horse, you need this book.

Kimmie, horse crazy, March 22, 2004,
One of the best horse buyers hand book helper
I think this is one of the greatest books for horse buyers, my sister let me borrow her book, and it was wonderful! I have read several Cherry Hill books, and they are truly amazing, this is one of her best in my opinion

Saved me $$$$$$$ and heartache, May 6, 1999
Reviewer: A reader
I would have never thought of all of these issues when buying my first horse. After reading this book, I no longer felt apprehensive about going through the process and I was informed. The first two horses I looked at flunked the vet exam big time which I would have never discovered on my own. Also, I got excellent guidelines for how to take a test ride from reading Horse for Sale. This book tells it all and I thank the author for helping me find "Destiny".

Incredibly Helpful, October 2, 1998
Reviewer: A reader
Buying your first horse is a huge ordeal!!! Cherry Hill's book was incredibly helpful!! I learned so much from her book and it made me feel more confident about what to look for. I made informed and knowledgeable choices in buying my horse. I only wish that I would have read it sooner. I would highly recommend this book to any first time buyer/seller. Make an informed choice, read Ms. Hill's book.
Excellent resource. Very useful suggestions, follow them!, November 25, 1996
Reviewer: A reader
Cherry Hill provides a good resource on evaluating your needs when searching for a horse as well as objective criteria to consider before buying a horse. She also reviews alternatives to purchasing, explaining the details that should be considered in various types of transactions. An especially good resource for the first time horse owner. Very useful as well for the more experienced. Good suggestions successful marketing of your own equine. I would highly recommend this to EVERYONE considering a horse or sale



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