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The First Year Under Saddle
by Cherry Hill 

hardbound; 245 pages; 150 photos and drawings    

see contents of Making Not Breaking

Making, Not Breaking


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Excellent horsekeeping bookA must read for all horse owners starting a young horse.

April 2, 2000 Reviewer: Claudia Cope from Cape Cod, Mass

The title says it all, Making Not Breaking. I had been looking through countless books and magazine articles, and watching a fare share of movies until I read this book. It's informative, and it's methods really work with sound results. For the horse people out there it's a must have! Cherry Hill's methods are kind yet full of leadership and best of all logical. Not only are you informed on how to start a horse under saddle but what to do after your horse has gotten used to the saddle. Hill explains that you need to develop a plan and stick to it. I recommend this book to every horse person weather you own a horse or not!


     I recently read Making, Not Breaking;  it was my first Cherry Hill book, although I have enjoyed many of her articles in leading equine magazines.  As a person who is always anxious to learn more and having read titles by nearly every leading modern horseperson (Lyons, Parelli, Tellington-Jones, etc., etc.) I can only say I learned more by reading Making, Not Breaking than by all other books COMBINED. 

     Perhaps it was because I find Ms. Hill's views so close to my own.  I have an Appendix gelding and a Fjord gelding, both yearlings now, that I'll be starting under saddle late next summer.  Thanks to Cherry Hill I'll be better prepared and so will my horses for their firt rides. JG


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