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Native American Indian Jewelry Books

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American Indian Jewelry volume 2 hard cover book

American Indian Jewelry II: A-L
1,800 Artist Biographies
400 pages
plus $10 s/h    SOLD   

From the publisher:

American Indian Jewelry II: A-L provides two new features:

The Hallmark Directory offers high resolution, digital close-ups. Many Native American jewelers stamp their work with personal, pictographic symbols or initials. This feature helps identify jewelers.

The Natural Turquoise Directory helps one identify turquoise in Native American jewelry. This is important because the best – Gem-Quality, High-Grade – natural turquoise is valuable. Keys to identification help identify over 25 by specific mines, chosen in a worldwide vote by veteran turquoise collectors.

American Indian Jewelry
Volumes I, II and III
by Gregory Schaaf
Assisted by Angie Yan Schaaf
Publisher: Center for Indigenous Arts & Cultures

Hard cover with dust jacket
Comes shrink wrapped
9" x 11"
Printed in color on heavy glossy stock
5 pounds (shipped USPS Media Mail)

American Indian Jewelry I, II, III
3-Volume Set
$200 plus $20 s/h    OUT OF STOCK   

From the publisher on volumes 2 and 3:

This is a standard reference for American Indian jewelry, a source for factual information, neatly organized and lavishly illustrated in full color. This is not a revision of our bestseller, American Indian Jewelry I, but a completely new manuscript, organized in two volumes, A-L and M-Z. Look up any one of over 5,000 American Indian Jewelers in seconds.

Each profile identifies the artist by tribe, clan, active years, styles, lifespan, residences, education, teachers, students, awards, exhibitions, demonstrations, collections, photographs, and publications. Many profiles feature original quotations from the artists, as well as comments from scholars, collectors and veterans in the field. Personal portrait pictures and close-ups of their jewelry help to bring their biographies to life.


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American Indian Jewelry volume 3 hard cover book

American Indian Jewelry III: M-Z
2,100 Artist Biographies
415 pages
plus $10 s/h       SOLD  

From the publisher:

American Indian Jewelry III provides three important features:
1. a color spread illustrating Classic and Classic Revival jewelry;
2. a continuation of the "Hallmark Directory" in high-resolution;
3. and new categories for social networks and email addresses.

Furthermore, extensive genealogical research was conducted. The National Archives released the 1940 U.S. Census and the 1930s Indian Census records. Each artist's family also was more thoroughly researched with the aid of computerized genealogical services.

American Indian Jewelry volume 1 hard cover book

American Indian Jewelry I
1,200 Artist Biographies
342 pages
plus $10 s/h    SOLD   

From the publisher on volume 1:

This volume profiles over 1,200 Indian jewelers from all tribes over the past two centuries. The text is illustrated with over 2,000 photographs. This book was created with the cooperation of Indian artists. Through artist surveys, archival research and personal interviews, information was collected in 25 categories: including the artist's tribe, clan, active years, type of jewelry, lifespan, family relationships, education, teachers, students, awards, exhibitions, collections, forms, techniques, materials, favorite designs, and publications. Websites and email addresses were listed when possible. Many completed a personal statement, "I enjoy creating artwork, because..." Some wrote or narrated autobiographical statements.

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About the Authors

Dr. Gregory Schaaf (Cherokee, tribally enrolled) is the Director of the Center for Indigenous Arts & Cultures in Santa Fe. He earned his doctorate in American Indian History and a degree in Art History at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During his distinguished teaching career, he became an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Native American Studies Programs. As a recognized scholar, he addressed the United Nations and testified before the United States Senate on Indian Affairs. He co-founded the international Tree of Peace Society. Dr. Schaaf currently is serving on the National Council of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

Angie Yan Schaaf is a fine arts graduate of California State University, Los Angeles. She enjoyed a long career in graphic design and publishing. She is a the designer and photographer for the American Indian Art Series. She currently is serving on the National Council of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.


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