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Sherlock is 30 months old; 15.2 hands tall and weighs 1050 pounds.

I normally give a young horse his first pony lesson when he is 8 to 12 months old but time got away from me and Sherlock didn't get his first lesson until he was 26 months old. His first lesson is depicted in these photos.

Ponying a young horse - proper distance between pony horse and horse being ponied.




Ponying is leading a horse while riding another horse. I'm using a rope halter and a 15 foot lead rope. For me, this is an ideal, safe spacing between the two horses.

Ponying a horse - how to hold the lead rope and reins in one hand.




I hold the reins in my left hand and lay the lead rope over the reins in a way so that I can easily open my hand to let go of the lead rope if I need to.

Ponying a horse - turning into the ponied horse.
The pony horse (here Zinger, my 28-year-old Quarter Horse mare) must be well-trained, patient, and level-headed. A good pony horse is a balanced, even mover and is instantly obedient so that you can pay attention to the young horse.
Ponying a young horse - ponied horse crowiding the pony horse and handler.




One lesson that the young horse must learn is not to crowd. Zinger helped me bump Sherlock as we turned a tight circle. Generally, you have more control with circles than you do working in straight lines

Ponying a young horse - ponied horse pulling away, pony horse and handler steady.
Another lesson the young horse must learn is not to resist light pressure on the halter. At this point, Sherlock was still testing the boundaries and hadn't quite figured out how to be a butterfly on a string.
Ponying a horse - trotting straight and steady.
Once Sherlock figured out that I wanted him to keep his shoulder in the vicinity of my shoulder (a similar position to the in-hand working position), we were able to work in straight lines.

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