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Sherlock's 2nd Ride in Round Pen

  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

After Sherlock's driving lessons in the round pen, it was time to review saddling and get ready for the first ride. Since I was going to be first ride assistant, I left my camera behind so that I could be on hand to help if necessary. I waited until the second ride to take some photos. Actually the second ride was a carbon copy of the first ride, so you didn't miss anything.

Prior to riding on this day, Richard reviewed ground work and driving, working Sherlock for about 10-15 minutes beforehand.

Akhal Teke driving lessonWalking Out

Richard's first goal was to get Sherlock to walk forward, straight and steady, so for the first five minutes or so, he just walked Sherlock around the perimeter of the 66-foot-diameter round pen, not asking for much bend. But he did ask for a reaching walk. No lazy, small steps.

Here Sherlock is reaching out with his head and neck and legs in a very relaxed but energetic walk on a loose rein.


Akhal Teke driving lesson


After the forward walking warm up, Richard started adding elementary lateral bending (turning) by using the inside rein as a leading or opening rein.

Now as far as rider position, let's just say that Richard has spent more time riding a Harley (where you lean into the turn) than a horse (where you stay centered and upright) and in these early rides he was transfixed on Sherlock's beautiful head (instead of looking ahead where they were headed). But bottom line, together they are doing fine !


Akhal Teke driving lesson


The next goal was trotting. Understandably, Sherlock's head goes up a bit adjusting to the new sensation, but he's trotting energetically and is in quite good form for a green horse. Richard keeps the reins very loose not wanting to interfere with Sherlock finding his balance.

Richard has tied the split reins together so that in the event he might drop a rein, it wouldn't land in front of Sherlock where he could step on it.

Akhal Teke driving lesson


After some trotting in both directions, these two cuties are going to take a bit of a rest. Later it will be good to stop square but right now, just stopping is good.

For many horses, this could be the end of the lesson. A lot of things have been accomplished. But Richard is eager to get out on the trail, so just a bit more to try for a more relaxed trot.

Akhal Teke driving lessonMore Relaxed Trot

Ah, this is more like it. Just two buddies going along the rail. Notice that Richard chose to carry his in-hand whip to use if the somewhat tiring Sherlock didn't respond to his leg to move forward. As I recall, he just had to use it once and Sherlock made the connection - squeeze with the legs means forward. The sequence goes like this. Squeeze with the legs. No response? Squeeze with the legs followed immediately with a tap with the whip.

This is a super place to stop for the day.
Good boys !!



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  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

2008 Cherry Hill

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