Tying A Young Horse

from Cherry Hill

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(see August 2000 Newsletter:  "Teaching the Suckling Foal to Tie" for details)
Photos taken at 6 weeks of age

Sherlock's halter is snapped onto the "soft tie" rope, a 20 foot rope that runs through the inner tube to the end of the rope I am holding in my hand.  

foal tied to rubber inner tube

Giving Sherlock the time to become familiar with what tying is all about: the tie rail, the ropes, his restriction and his inability to get to his dam.  Sassy and I just hang out for about five minutes until I feel he has "tested the waters".

foal tied while handler holds rope

I've removed the long rope and snapped Sherlock to a lead rope that is tied to an inner tube around a stout post.  He's walking around a little bit learning his boundaries.   

foal testing inner tube

After a few minutes, he stands tied like a trooper.

foal tied to inner tube close up


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