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excerpt from  Horse for Sale, How to Buy a Horse or Sell the One You Have
  2006 Cherry Hill

NOTE: Blemishes usually do not affect serviceability, but ask your vet to examine each one.

Proud flesh - tumor-like mass over wound site on lower limbs that can inhibit movement; can be treatable depending on location and severity.

Sarcoid - scaly or wart-like virus invasion of tissue often around head; often reoccur following treatment.

Splints - lumps on the inside or outside of cannon bone; usually a self-correcting condition; if horse is not lame, no problem.

White spots - patches of white hair at site of old injury or areas of pressure such as at withers; if inactive, no problem.

Capped hock or elbow - fluid-filled area over the point of the joint that can be caused by laying down on hard ground or from stall kicking.

Old rope burn - a crusty ridge often at the rear of the pastern; may cause stiffness and crack open occasionally; usually curable.

Warts - rough bumps on the muzzle that eventually disappear with or without treatment; common in young horses.

Windpuffs - fluid fillings of the fetlock joint or tendon sheath; may be normal and sound operating state for that horse. Occasionally can indicate a problem.

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