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Equine Schools
    1999-2006 Cherry Hill

Equipping Your Horse Farm
Equipping Your Horse Farm
Horsekeeping On A Small Acreage
Your Pony, Your Horse
Horse Health Care by Cherry Hill
Dear Cherry:

     My high school counselor and I have been trying to locate equine schools in the US.  So far we have only come up with 3 but I know there must be more. Can you help?


Dear Debbie:

     Yes, there are probably over 100 two and four year colleges and universities that offer certificates and diplomas in equine science, veterinary science, equine management, training, horseshoeing, and riding.

     I suggest you or your counselor purchase a copy of the Equine School and College Directory for $12 from the

Harness Horse
Youth Foundation
16575 Carey Road
Westfield, IN 46074
(317) 867-5877
Fax: (317) 867-5896

     It is published every two years.  The current edition 2006.

     As you know, knowledge rarely hurts anyone but the lack of it surely does.

     Good luck with your equine education.

Cherry Hill


  1999-2007 Cherry Hill 

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