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Becoming a Horse Trainer

    2006 Cherry Hill

Dear Cherry,
     I am looking for advice on how to become a horse trainer.  I am interested in going to a four year college to receive a bachelors degree if possible. Since you are knowledgeable in this field I thought you might have a few tips.
Much thanks,   M P

Hi M:

     Your best bet is to buy a copy of the directory of colleges and universities that offer horse programs.  It is available from the following web site.
It lists all of the schools with addresses and phone numbers.  You can browse, send for tons of literature, and make an informed decision.

     By graduating from a four year program, you will have a good academic background in horse husbandry.  Depending on the school, you might get very little or a lot of hands on horse training and riding experience.

     If you want to be a horse trainer, you might want to consider choosing the type of trainer (event, breed of horse etc.) you would like to be and then apprentice several prominent trainers in that area over a period of years before or instead of going to college.  You will have to apprentice after you graduate from college anyway.  I don't know of many college graduates who just set up shop and can earn a living from training - you have to get the experience somewhere.  So you  might be better off to do some apprenticing first and see if being a horse  trainer is what you want to do.  Sometimes after you get "behind the scenes" and see the long hours, the hard work, and the not-so-glamorous work that goes along with being a trainer (to say nothing of trying to make a living), you might slightly alter your plans.

    Hope this helps.  Good luck!




  2006 Cherry Hill 

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