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How to Think Like A Horse by Cherry Hill
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101 Longeing and Long Lining Exeercises
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Ask Cherry

Road to the Horse Results - 2005

Hi Cherry

Several of us attended the Road to the Horse in Murfreesboro this past weekend. As one of the judges could you explain to us why the competition was placed the way it was? Thank you.


Dear JMC,

You pose a good question. I've asked the management of the event if I could explain a bit about the judging system and they were glad for me to do so.

The judging criteria was developed by the 2004 judges and the management.

Each of the 5 judges gave scores for many individual categories of each of the following segments. Our score sheets were picked up after each segment and a running total was kept by management over the two days but we never knew how our individual points were adding up.


Saturday - 1 hour round pen work - 5 categories

Sunday - 2 hour round pen work - 5 categories

Then in the arena, when working individually, when the trainer indicates that he wants the judging to start, he was judged on:


Rail work - 5 categories

Obstacle Course - 5 categories

Freestyle - 1 category

Total possible points 160

The highest and lowest judges' scores were thrown out and the remaining 3 scores were averaged and used to place the competition. So this means that the scores of three judges were used; the scores of two judges were not used.

When the winner was announced, that was the first time the judges knew who won.

The scores were so close in this particular competition that only a few points separated each of the 3 contestants.

I can't discuss how I placed the participants, but I can say that I watched each and every thing that the clinicians did and marked my scores on the sheets according to the assigned judging criteria. My scores recognized the best of the three horsemen that day as they worked with those three particular horses.

I hope this helps you understand how the Road to the Horse was judged.

Best Regards,     

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