Welding Clips
with a Wire-Feed Welder 

shows you everything you need to know for making and applying horseshoe clips using a compact wire-feed welder. 

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"...this video is terrific! It's not only immensly informative but also very entertaining! If you shoe horses, this is a must video for your library" - The American Farriers Journal

"...the definitive work on how to make and apply clips to horseshoes. Klimesh does an excellent job of presenting the subject in clear, concise language, and with easy-to-follow instructions." - Western Horseman

"This well-made, entertaining tape is worth watching for a number of reasons. Mr. Klimesh successfully combines good humor with good sense in a carefully choreographed tape that covers far more than clips." - Anvil Magazine

WELDING CLIPS  contains over 60 minutes of valuable information that can help you improve your shoeing and earn more money in less time.

The Welding Clips video has SOLD OUT.



Step-by-Step instructions show you how to:

sample clips of various sizes and shapes



Clydesdale shoe with pad and toe clip

  • make consistent horseshoe clips of any size or shape

  • make clips for 7 horses in just five minutes

  • hold clips in place "hands free" for welding

  • apply clips without changing the shape of the horseshoe

  • locate clips to reshape and maintain a hoof

  • use clips to help position the shoe precisely on the hoof

  • Plus:
    • how to make and apply the Contiguous Clip Shoe to treat a fractured coffin bone

    • how to make and apply Heel Shields to prevent horses with under-run hooves from stepping off extended-heel shoe

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    Welding Clips With a Wire-Feed Welder.


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