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Vintage Cufflink Group
Four Pair

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Vintage Cufflink Jewelry Group

Four Pair of Vintage Cufflinks

Top left: Amber
(Amber is fossil tree resin and although it is not a mineral, it is classified as a gemstone. Most of the world's amber is 30-90 million years old. It can contain insects, small vertebrates and other particulate matter.)
They are the standard cuff link type that has a straight portion that passes through the cuff link hole and then a portion of it hinges perpendicular.

Bottom left: Silver with Pearl Inlay
No markings. Rigid, so maybe these are a special kind of cuff button.

Top right: Ceramic
Black border and blue center. Same fasteners as the amber ones.

Bottom right: Gold and Silver
One of the members hinges.
Stamped on the back is
Engraved on one of each of them is "JW"

Vintage Cufflink Group - Four Pair


We leave the natural patina on our pawn jewelry because many of our customers like the old "vintage" appearance.

If you'd like to clean up your silver jewerly, new or old, check out our handy
silver cleaning and polishing cloth.

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