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Hinged Sterling Silver Bangle
HK Item #BBB15

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Silver Bangle Bracelets

2 3/8" diameter
7/16" wide

Bangle Bracelets can be worn singly or in groups of 20 or more, but a common configuration is in a group of seven which is called a "semanaria" which stands for a week, one bracelet for every day of the week.


925 in an international designation for sterling silver indicating 92.5% silver content. Stamps of 925, Sterling, TAXCO indicate sterling silver. TAXCO, in Mexico, is one of the largest silver mining areas in the world.

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We leave the natural patina on our vintage jewelry because many of our customers prefer that rich appearance. If you'd like to make your your silver jewelry shiny again check out our handy silver cleaning and polishing cloth.

Silver polishing cloths and anti tarnish bags

Vintage Hinged Sterling Silver Bangle

HK Item #BBB15

$30 plus s/h


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Paula says -

"Because this sterling silver bracelet is hinged, you don't have to slip it over your hand, therefore it is smaller in diameter but still fits an average sized wrist.

"The hinge and clasp are in excellent condition and have a very low profile (flush and smooth) so they won't catch on things."

Silver Bangle Bracelets


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