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 Navajo Vintage Wolf Collection

Antique Bedouin Turkoman Bracelet
HK Item #BBB26

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antique Bedouin Turkoman carnelian cuff bracelet


7" total inside circumference and approximate wrist size. This measurement includes the gap.

The gap is the distance between the ends. On this bracelet, the gap is 1" and that is part of the 7" total inside circumference.

2 3/4" wide

Metal with unknown silver content - not sterling silver, Read about silver
Carnelian or glass, Read about stones
156 grams

antique Bedouin Turkoman carnelian cuff bracelet

antique Bedouin Turkoman carnelian cuff bracelet


We leave the natural patina on our vintage jewelry because many of our customers prefer that rich appearance. If you'd like to make your your silver jewelry shiny again check out our handy silver cleaning and polishing cloth.

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Antique Bedouin Turkoman Bracelet

BBB26 - $195 -

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Paula says - "This cuff came from a collection in which the other items were quite old – from the early 1900s. When I researched this bracelet I found one similar one that was an 1860 Bedouin Turkoman Cuff. This one does appear to be very old and is quite heavy. We tested the metal and it does not have a high enough silver content to be called sterling silver.

"It has traditional Tekke tribal designs. The six cabochons appear to be carnelian, sometimes referred to as pomegranate glass, and the red color is associated with life-blood that energizes and replenishes the body and supports the spirit. The stones are securely set in smooth bezels. "

antique Bedouin Turkoman carnelian cuff bracelet

The quarter in the photo above shows the scale of the cuff.

antique Bedouin Turkoman carnelian cuff bracelet

antique Bedouin Turkoman carnelian cuff bracelet

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 Navajo Vintage Wolf Collection Wolf Collection

This collection consists of a group of very old items that are most likely from the 1920s to the 1950s, due to being able to date a few of the pieces. These are part of the treasure trove gathered by a woman in her beloved travels in the southwest. They were tucked away in her home, only to be recently discovered by her daughter, who sold the collection to help with expenses for her dog and wolf rescue.

We’ve left most of the items AS IS, the condition in which we received them, because the historic condition is so very appealing

WOLF teaches great dignity, courage, powerful Spirit communications, instinct and intelligence. Deep family connection and importance, stealth, wisdom, and extreme endurance. Wolf is a powerful ally on our spiritual journeys.


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