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Vintage Running Horses Enamel Buckle
HK Item #BBU44

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Belt buckle enamel horses

Buckle: 4 7/8" long x 2" tall
Belt: 30"
Unknown metal

Belt buckle enamel horses

ENAMEL - Enamel used in jewelry is basically finely ground glass. When heated in a furnace to around 800 degrees Celsius the powdered glass liquifies to fill the spaces in the metal jewelry item. When it cools the result is a coloured glass coating.
Vintage Running Horses
Enamel Belt Buckle

HK Item #BBU44 - $20


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Paula says -

"Like new - shiny metal with bright, colorful horses in enamel. The leather belt shown here will be included only if you ask for it in the note section of your order form."


Belt buckle enamel horses


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