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Lot of 5 Pair Earrings
HK Item #BBE21 - Wire-Style

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abalone bear paw feather Earrings

Paula says -

"When we receive estate and Vintage lots, often there is jewelry that we can't verify if it was Native American made or not. Therefore, even if some of the pieces have Native American designs and styling, like some of these pieces have, we put these items in our Bargain Barn. I'll tell you what I can, but realize this is a lot of earrings for the price of one pair!

"I've put a penny in the photos so you can get an idea of scale. These earrings may or may not have sterling silver earwires, post or backs but for sure, the earrings themselves do not test as sterling silver. Enjoy browsing!"

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Five Pair Earrings

  • The two turquoise earrings are made from block turquoise.
  • The only hallmarks are on the big abalone hoops which say ALPACA MEXICO and the malachite inlay on the right, which say MEXICO.

5 Pair Wire Earrings
- $35



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