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Sterling Silver
10-Loop Liquid Silver Earrings
HK Item #BBE43

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10-Loop Liquid Silver sterling silver post Earrings

2 " long including earpost;
10 loops
Sterling silver, Read about silver

We leave the natural patina on our Vintage jewelry because many of our customers like the old "vintage" appearance. If you'd like to clean up your silver jewerly, new or old, check out our handy silver cleaning and polishing cloth.

Silver polishing cloths and anti tarnish bags


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Sterling Silver
10-Loop Liquid Silver post Earrings

BBE43 - $25

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Paula says - "We put these liquid silver earrings in the Bargain Barn because we are not sure if they are Native American made. The tubular metal heishi that makes up the strands is very fine and the earrings drape beautifully. We have left the patina intact but you can polish to a shine."

Questions or more details.

What is Liquid Silver?

That is the name given to Sterling Silver tubular heishi. It is so fine that it drapes and flows as if it were liquid.

10 strand necklaces are wonderful but when you get to 40-50 strands the necklaces have more of a cascading water quality to them.


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