Three Vintage Leather Purses

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Three Vintage Leather Purses
HK Item #BBM14

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BBM14 - Three Vintage Leather Purses
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Paula says - ¨The largest bag (approximately 10 1/2" x 8 1/2") was found in a barn in Germany after World War II. It was said to be some sort of messenger bag. The stitching is coming undone in several places and one area of damage to strap - appears to be rodent chew. (See photo of back of items to see strap damage).

"The light tan one is a vintage clip open handbag (approximately 6" x 8"). It has an integral coin purse and pockets inside. On the back is a loop for belt or hand.

"The small one is a vintage hand-laced hand-stamped leather coin purse (approximately 4" x 3")."

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Above photo shows damage to strap on large bag.

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