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Grey and Red Woven Wool Rug
HK Item #BBM47

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 woven wool  rug grey and red

5 feet x 2 1/2 feet woven wool.
5' - 7" man holding rug shows scale.

  woven wool  rug grey and red

Grey and Red Woven Wool Rug

BBM47 - $25


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Paula says: "We are selling this rug as not-Native-American-made because we can't verify its origin. This rug came with an estate lot of jewelry. The previous owner told us this:

"My dad acquired this rug in 1993 in Albuquerque, NM. He acquired it via his trading of knives he had made. The only reason I know is I was on the trip with him as he traded for this rug along with other jewelry and pottery. He traded with American Indians . . . whether they made them or not, I don't know."

  woven wool  rug grey and red

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Hand Woven Navajo Rugs

Navajo rugs are a representation of the landscape and life in the southwest United States. Distinct styles emerged due to the fact that early weavers rarely saw the weavings of others, so individual styles developed in specific regions.

Traditional weavers, even today, raise their own sheep and wool and process the sheared wool themselves - washing, carding, dyeing and spinning. They either use the wool in its natural color or dye it with natural dyes. However, some weavers of the last 40-50 years have used commercially spun and dyed wool yarns.

Rugs are typically woven by sitting at a loom and weaving from the bottom upwards. Most rugs are woven using classic designs and techniques but new styles are evolving that utilize blends or variations of traditional styles.

A Navajo rug is like any other piece of art - if you like it, that is what matters.


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