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What is the Bargain Barn?



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Baby Fork with turquoise stone
Baby Fork with Turquoise

BY426 - $50
Bargain Barn lot of 6 vintagae boxes
Six Vintage Boxes
BBS30 - $25

Vintage ceramic rocking horse lamp
Vintage Rocking Horse Lamp
BBM44 - $40

Leather checkbook organizer
Imitation Dooney
Checkbook Organizer

#1210 - $20

handmade leather box
Handmade Leather Box
BBM34 - $45

Bargain Barn frontier lot
Frontier Lot
BBS15 - $25

Buffalo Indian Head Nickel cuff links
Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links
BBM33 - $15 pair

Authentic Vintage Native American Navajo Woven Key Ring New Old Stock
Woven Sash Belt Key Ring
White Buffalo Collection
M558 - $25

vintage leather purses
Vintage Magid Purse
BBM20 - $45
craft supplies shells, tooth, feather stone
Tooth, Shell, Feather
and Stone Group
rabbit fetish carving of rose quartz
Rose Quartz Rabbit
BBM69 - $15

vintage pottery Bear statue with heart line and medicine bundle
Vintage Bear Statue
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM61 - $35

Vintage Burden Basket
Vintage Burden Basket
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM56 - $45

five vintage hand painted Dala horse magnets from Sweden
5 Vintage Dala Horse Magnets
Hand Painted from Sweden
BBM57 - $45

Bargain Barn lot of 5 jewelry boxes
Five Boxes
BBS21 - $50

Large Vintage Antler handle Skinning Knife with Sheath
Large Vintage Skinning Knife
with Sheath

Cryer Creek Collection
BBM53 - $135

Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of Two Timex Watches
Two Timex Watches
BBS36- $15

clipper blade boxes
3 Vintage Clipper Blade Boxes
BBM12 - $25
Pewter Horse Ornament, Hand Painted
Horse Christmas Ornament

vintage leather purses
Vintage Velvet Purse
BBM22 - $45

vintage leather purses
New Seahorse Quilt Squares
& Laurel Burch Print Material

BBM25 - $15

polled goat fetish carving of white marble and jet
Polled Goat Fetish
BBM42 - $20

Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of five animal items
Lot of 5 Animal Items
BBS39 - $35
Vintage Ceremonial Sash
Vintage Ceremonial Sash
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM55 - $95
Japanese good luck horse
Japanese Good Luck Horse
BBM68 - $35
Vintage Braided and Woven buckskin bolo tie from the Cryer Creek Collection
Braided Woven Bolo Tie
Cryer Creek Collection
Vintage - BBN95 - $125
Three black bears and one long fox carvings
Vintage 3 Bears, 1 Fox
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM64 - $45
for group
Large Vintage Antler handle Stainless Steel Hunting Knife with Decorated Sheath with Fringe and Shoulder Sling
Large Vintage Hunting Knife
with Fringed Sheath

Cryer Creek Collection
BBM52 - $295

More Bargain Items

New Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Antler handle Chef's Knife with Sheath
Vintage Chef's Knife
with Sheath

Cryer Creek Collection
BBM54 - $110

Bargain Barn mixed bag of coin purse, frame, key ring
Mixed Bag
BBS22 - $15
vintage wood Bear statue
Vintage Bear Statue
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM63 - $45
Vintage Bear Cubs Fetish carving of soapstone from Canada
Vintage Bear Cubs Carving
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM58 - $25
suspenders and bow ties
Suspenders and 2 Bow Ties
BBM13 - $15
vintage ball purse
Vintage Ball Purse
BBM01 - $145

What is the Bargain Barn?

Horsekeeping LLC Book and Videos, horse articles, Native American jewelryOur Bargain Barn is a mixed bag of new and used items. They might come from inheritances, estate sales, private collections, and store liquidations. We'll give you as much information as we can, but often the materials, date and origin are unknown.
Bargain Barn items are sold as described and are not returnable.

For vintage items visit our Vintage Shop.

For new items visit our New Jewelry Store. customer commentsNative American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationCustomer Comments

"I was tickled with each and every item. You had them wrapped up so good and safe. They arrived here all just fine. The turtle earrings are great! It is cool the way they're made so they have that glistening look to them." - DE

"Beautiful set of bracelets, exactly as described and very good quality. Thanks !" - Carol

"I received my two purses, the wallet and the seven silver bracelets. Everything was packaged very well, I love EVERYthing, and thank you so much for my purchases. I really like them, they are exactly as pictured, no surprises, except of course how well everything is made and how everything has stood up to the sands of time. I will be perusing your site again, looking for more goodies. Thanks, again!!" - PW

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Authentic Vintage Native American Navajo Woven Key Ring New Old Stock
Beaded Key Ring
White Buffalo Collection
M559 - $20

vintage pottery Bear statue
Vintage Bear Statue
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM62 - $30
wooden comb
Wooden Comb
BBM41 - $10 SOLD
Vintage Black Bear  carving
Vintage Black Bear
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM60 - $45
Two Black Bears Fetish carvings
Vintage Black Bears
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM59 - $25
for both SOLD
amethyst bear Fetish carvings
Bear with Fish carving
BBM66 - $25

vintage leather purses
Vintage Choker Kit
BBM23 - $15 SOLD

vintage fetish carvings group two bears a ram and a horse
Vintage 2 Bears, Ram, Horse
Cryer Creek Collection
BBM65 - $35
for group SOLD

polar bear fetish carving
Polar Bear
Cryer Creek Collection
FB700 - $25 SOLD

Bargain Barn  lot of barrettes
Lot of Barrettes
BBS48 - $75


Vintage Concho hatband
Vintage Concho Hatband
BBM49 - $50
Vintage recurve hunting bows 45# Ben Pearson
Vintage Recurve Bows
56" Ben Pearson 45#
BBM45 - $95 each
two for $175 SOLD

Vintage amber and sterling silver cuff links
Vintage Amber Cuff Links
BBM30 - $40

vintage bug motif purse
Vintage Bug Motif Purse
BBM15 - $75 SOLD
Lot of four bolo ties
Lot of 4 Bolo Ties
BBM50 - $49
Buffalo skull bolo tie
Buffalo Skull Bolo
BBM37 - $25 SOLD
vintage leather purses
New Seahorse Beach Bag
BBM24 - $20 SOLD
Bargain Barn money clip and lighter case
Money Clip and Lighter Case
BBS25 - $15
Leaf jewelry
Stuff From the Bottom of a Box
$20 SOLD

Rawhide Flask
Rawhide Tobacco Flask
BBM51 - $50

woven wool rug
Woven Wool Rug
60" x 60" - BBM46 - $45 SOLD

woven wool rug
Woven Wool Rug
60" x 30" - BBM47 - $25 SOLD
two heavy Indian key rings
Two Heavy Key Rings
BBS32 - $20

Inlay Roadrunner Key Ring
Roadrunner Key Ring
BBM40 - $32

Vintage leather coin purse
Vintage Leather Coin Purse
BBM35 - $25
Thunderbird bolo tie
Thunderbird Bolo Tie
BBM36 - $35

Buffalo skull bolo tie
Buffalo Skull Bolo
BBM38 - $35

Kachina bolo tie pendant
Kachina Bolo Pendant
BBM39 - $195
seahorse pins and charms
Seahorse Pins and Charms
BBM18 - $30 SOLD

Wooden mortar and pestle with medicine bear
Wood Mortar and Pestle
BBM26 - $25 SOLD

Dior makeup bag
Dior Makeup Bag
BBM27 - $15 SOLD
Vintage Peruvian cuff links
Peruvian Cuff Links
BBM32 - $25
vintage leather purses
Vintage Hudson Co. Purse
BBM21 - $45 SOLD
vintage leather purses
3 Vintage Purses
BBM14 - $25 SOLD
Dooney and Bourke Round Flap Snap bag
Vintage Polish Officer's Bag
GRAB619 - $90
vintage Polish oil lamp with mirror
Seahorse Trinket Box
BBM17 - $40 SOLD
Polish hunters bag
Vintage Polish
Hunter's Bag

#643C - $140 SOLD
whimsical horses
Mr. Bartender Automatic Jiggers
Lot of Six

BBM10 - $75 SOLD
suede leather medicine bags
Two Suede Medicine Bags
#BBM09 - $30 SOLD
Leaf jewelry
Kurt Hammer Beer Stein
BBM02 - $45 SOLD
vintage wooden note box
Vintage Wooden Note Box
BBM05 - $20 SOLD
Dooney and Bourke Round Flap Snap bag
Vintage Velvet Evening Bag
#620C - $75
Vintage pen and pencil set
Vintage Pen and Pencil Set
BBM06 - $25 SOLD
Wooden horses with inlaid armour
Wooden Inlaid Horses
BBM03 - $30 SOLD
Vintage cufflinks
Vintage Cufflink Group
Four pair
$40 SOLD
Vintage Jewelry        New Jewelry

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