Two Bead Necklaces

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Two Bead Necklaces
HK Item #BBN06

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magnetic necklaces

Two Bead Necklaces

$45 for both SOLD

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Paula says -

"The turquoise necklace is somewhat vintage and has silver and turquoise disc beads in between barrel beads and it fastens with a screw closure in an oval shaped piece - see if you can find it in the photo ! It is approximately 26 inches long. Cool looking. I'm not sure of the material - it has weight to could this be Bakelite ??? Bakelite was a plastic invented in 1909 and used extensively for jewelry and buttons but became obsolete after World War II. I did some research and found other necklaces with this type of closure from that era...but there is also celluloid and catalin to consider...and so...if anyone can provide more info, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime, I have this lot priced to be a good deal if just necklaces and a great deal if one of those collectible plastics.

"The dark blue one has no fastener, is approximately 32 inches long, goes over your head. Now as far as the material, I'd guess lapis because of the weight and the sound it makes when it clinks on my desk it seems like stone and also the variation in color between the beads. But they could be some sort of glass type material too I suppose. Sorry I can' t be more specific. Both are very nice necklaces."

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