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Vintage End of the Trail Bolo Tie
HK Item #BBN16

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  vintage End of the Trail bolo tie,bolo,bola,string tie,shoestring necklace,cowboy tie

34" lariat, not including tips;
1" long tips;
2 1/4" long x 2 1/4" tall slide
Block t urquoise,
Read about stones;
Unknown metals and lariat
Bennett-style clasp
Stamped on back: 100% Hand Crafted Denver Colo
and a hallmark with a symbol and J H.

  vintage End of the Trail bolo tie,bolo,bola,string tie,shoestring necklace,cowboy tie

The slide is 2 1/4" long x 2 1/4" tall.
Bennett-style clasp.

End of the Trail Bolo Tie

#BBN16 - $50 SOLD

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Paula says - "This bolo depicts one of America's most iconic images. The image looks to be made of brass and the border of block turquoise. The entire face up to the metal frame is covered with clear enamel. It is a very nice piece and it looks very much like Native American work, but because it is not and we are not sure who made it we are selling it in the Bargain Barn."

  vintage End of the Trail bolo tie,bolo,bola,string tie,shoestring necklace,cowboy tie

Lariat (neck cord) is 34" long not including tips.

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What is a Bolo Tie?

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationA bolo tie, also called a “shoestring necklace” or simply a bola, can be thought of as a Western necktie. A bolo tie can range from an inexpensive “string tie” to an elaborate and leather affair. Maybe your younger brother had one of those string ties that he wore with his cowboy hat and cap guns ??!!

A bolo has three parts:

  • The cord that goes around the neck is called the lariat. It is traditionally braided from leather, and most commonly black leather. The lariat can also be made from woven cord, thus the term “string tie”.

  • The ends of the lariat are finished off with tips. The tips can be made of , copper or other metals. They can be machine made tips or hand made tips.

  • And finally we get to the Pièce de résistance which means the focal point, the best part or feature, the artistic creation for which the other portions exist ! The slide. The slide is a decorative feature that, as its name indicates, slides up and down on the lariat. The slide can be worn up at the neck in the same position as a necktie knot (formal) or down lower for a more casual effect. Slides can vary as widely as the artist’s imagination and can utilize many materials.


The End of the Trail

"The End of the Trail" is one of America's most iconic images. The original sculputure was created by James Fraser in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco. Fraser wanted to depict the Native American as race of proud, spiritual people moving into a new century. The medicine bag and the strong wind whisking behind the figure and his horse represent the spiritual side of the Native peoThe exposed musculature of the figure behind the buffalo robe represent the strength of the Native American. Fraser was awarded the gold medal for sculpture, and The End of the Trail quickly gained widespread recognition.

Following the conclusion of the Exposition, many artists wished to have their sculptures cast in bronze, but this was not possible since the United States entered into World War I, and the materials for making bronze became very scarce. Thus, the plaster sculptures were tossed into a mud pit at Marina Park. Residents of Tulare County, California, rescued The End of Trail in 1919 and relocated the piece to Mooney Grove Park, near Visalia, California. In 1968 the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum acquired the plaster piece and had it restored.

The restored statue is currently on display in the entryway of the Oklahoma City museum. Fraser also designed the Indian Head or Buffalo nickel in 1913 and the Navy Cross, the second highest military decoration for valor that may be awarded to a member of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard for extraordinary heroism in combat.

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