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Cryer Creek CollectionBraided and Woven Bolo Tie
HK Item #BBN95

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Vintage Braided and Woven buckskin bolo tie from the Cryer Creek Collection

Vintage, Pre-owned, very good; small pieces of woven covering missing (see photo below); leather supple, not dry or cracked
24" top to bottom; 48" end to end
2" x 2 1/4" slide
buckskin, beads, unknown woven material

Vintage Braided and Woven buckskin bolo tie from the Cryer Creek Collection

Slide is 2" x 2 1/4".

Vintage Braided and Woven buckskin bolo tie from the Cryer Creek Collection

Small pieces of woven covering missing.

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Braided and Woven Bolo Tie

BBN95 - $125 - plus s/h

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Paula says - "We are not sure what the woven areas of this vintage bolo tie are made of - perhaps quills, perhaps grass of some kind that has been dyed, perhaps some other material . . . we just don't know."

Vintage Braided and Woven buckskin bolo tie from the Cryer Creek Collection

Vintage Braided and Woven buckskin bolo tie from the Cryer Creek Collection

Beautiful braiding and beadwork.

Vintage Braided and Woven buckskin bolo tie from the Cryer Creek Collection

The braided leather widens out flat where is lays on the neck.


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Cryer Creek Collection Cryer Creek Collection

The jewelry and artifacts in this collection were gathered by a man born in 1933 and who has been collecting for over 60 years. He has a great love of Native American people, their culture and customs and their art. Living and working most of his life in Texas, he has been particularly drawn to Lakota, Comanche, Apache, Pueblo, Navajo and Zuni pieces. We will be listing items from his collection over the next year, so keep an eye on the Newly Listed Items page.

What is the Bargain Barn?

Our Bargain Barn is a mixed bag of new and used items. They might come from inheritances, estate sales, private collections, and store liquidations. We'll give you as much information as we can, but often the materials, date and origin are unknown.
Bargain Barn items are sold as described and are not returnable.

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What is a Bolo Tie?

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationA bolo tie, also called a “shoestring necklace” or simply a bola, can be thought of as a Western necktie. A bolo tie can range from an inexpensive “string tie” to an elaborate sterling silver and leather affair. Maybe your younger brother had one of those string ties that he wore with his cowboy hat and cap guns ??!!

A bolo has three parts:

  • The cord that goes around the neck is called the lariat. It is traditionally braided from leather, and most commonly black leather. The lariat can also be made from woven cord, thus the term “string tie”.

  • The ends of the lariat are finished off with tips. The tips can be made of sterling silver, copper or other metals. They can be machine made tips or hand made tips.

  • And finally we get to the Pièce de résistance which means the focal point, the best part or feature, the artistic creation for which the other portions exist ! The slide. The slide is a decorative feature that, as its name indicates, slides up and down on the lariat. The slide can be worn up at the neck in the same position as a necktie knot (formal) or down lower for a more casual effect. Slides can vary as widely as the artist’s imagination and can utilize many materials.

Our Rescue Mission
Native American Indian Jewelry and Artifacts

We are in the vintage Native American jewelry rescue business and are passionate about finding new homes for used and vintage jewelry and artifacts. That's why we purchase Native American pieces from estates, inheritances, collection downsizing and New Old Stock (NOS) inventory from closed stores.

Often people contact us after taking a box of Native American jewelry to their local pawn shop and find that a pawn shop is mainly interested in melt value of the metals and not in preserving the beautiful historic pieces. To hear that people have considered selling these treasures for melt value makes us truly sad.

Melt value is usually far below what we would offer for the jewelry. Yet we can't pay retail price for items because of the time and cost involved in finding new homes for them. We have to research, often repair and restore the jewelry, photograph and list each item on our website, and sometimes hold pieces in inventory for years until the right buyer comes along.

Items that are not Native American made or that we cannot verify as such go into our Bargain Barn where you can find some real treasures at low prices.

We hope you'll find something special in our vintage shop that will complete yet another circle of our jewelry re-homing mission.


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