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Vintage Cobalt Blue Faceted Glass
Bead Lariat Necklace and Bracelet

HK Item #BBS01

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Vintage cobalt lariat necklace and bracelet

Vintage cobalt necklace and bracelet

Vintage cobalt necklace and bracelet

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Vintage Cobalt Necklace and Bracelet


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Paula says -

"A Lariat necklace is a necklace that is worn around the neck with the ends of the necklace either worn dangling, tied together or secured by a brooch.

'This is not a matched set, but we are selling them together because they are similar. However, note that the necklace has silver accents while the bracelet has gold tone clasp.

"It seems like these are both glass beads - heavy and in great shape.

"The necklace is a brilliant rich brighter blue and the bracelet is a darker, almost navy blue. The necklace was purchased by the previous owner as vintage in the early 1990s. Nothing known about the bracelet.

"The necklace is heavy and the ends are finished off with beautiful tassels that are adorned with silver rings that are studded with rhinestones. Each tassel has 8 strands, each with its own silver ring, so there is a total of 20 rhinestone studded rings which really add the sparkle. But the cobalt blue beads are faceted so really catch the light.

"The necklace is 48 inches from end to end. This is an amazing piece to handle so it got me experimenting and I tied it in various knots, also pinned several types of brooches at various places - it is very versatile ! If any of you have any more information about this type of necklace or this one in particular, please let me know and I'll add it to this listing.

"The bracelet is a double strand of very similar beads but slightly darker. Gold tone clasp and clasped is about 7 to 7 1/2 inches."

Questions or more details.

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