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What is the Bargain Barn?



Bargain Barn Vintage Rhinestone Set, Bracelet, Necklace Screw-back Earrings
Vintage Rhinestone Set
JoAnne Jewels of Elegance
Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings

BBS61 - $95
Bargain Barn Lot of Two Gemstone Bracelet and Clip Earrings Sets
Two Gemstone Bracelets
and Clip Earrings Sets

BBS60 - $38
Bargain Barn mixed bag of coin purse, frame, key ring
Mixed Bag
BBS22 - $15
two rings size 12 1/2
Two Rings
Size 12 1/2
BBR675 - $30
Gold tone chains
Retro Chains
lot of fired necklaces from the Bargain Barn
Lot of Eight Necklaces
BBN81 - $35
Three Vintage Mexican Bracelets
Three Vintage Sterling Bracelets
6 1/2 to 6 3/4" - XB15- $65
lot of three necklaces from the Bargain Barn
Lot of Three Necklaces
BBN79 - $35
twist bracelets
Two Twisted Cuffs
BBB20 - $25
Bargain Barn magnetic hematite necklace and bracelet set
Magnetic Hematite Set
BBS28 - $30

Lot of two rings size 8 1/2
Lot of Two Rings
Size 8 1/2
BBR662 - $15

Three vintage pins
Three Vintage Piins
BBPN05 - $40

Imitation pearls and gold necklaces and pendants
"Pearls and Gold" Group
BBN30 - $35
Bargain Barn  lot of 8 pins
Lot of 8 Pins
BBS49 - $45

Five Rings size 8 to 8 7/8
Lot of 5 Rings
BBR697 - Size 8 to 8 7/8

Bargain Barn lot of 7 pair clip and screw back earrings
Lot of 7 Pair Clip-Screw Earrings
BBS52 - $35

Bargain Barn magnetic hematite necklace and bracelet set
Magnetic Hematite Set
BBS29 - $35
Bargain Barn Lot of Three Necklaces
Lot of 3 Necklaces
BBS55 - $35
vintage cobalt necklace and bracelet
Cobalt Faceted Glass Beads
Necklace and Bracelet
BBS01 - $35
craft items and supplies
Craft Lot
BBS06 - $15
Bargain Barn Abalone shell, money clip, lighter cases, bolo slide
Abalone Shell and Stuff
BBS50 - $50
five vintage hand painted Dala horse magnets from Sweden
5 Vintage Dala Horse Magnets
Hand Painted from Sweden
BBM57 - $45

Bargain Barn two  necklaces
2 Necklaces
BBS46 - $35

Bargain Barn Lot of Three Necklaces
Lot of 3 Necklaces
BBS58 - $35
Three Rings size 4 to 4 7/8
Lot of 3 Rings
BBR692 - Size 4 to 4 7/8
bangle bracelets
Three Bangle Bracelets
BBB27 - $20
Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of necklace, pendants and bracelets
Mixed Jewelry Lot
BBS32 - $15

Bargain barn horse jewelry group pendants buckle bolo slide
Horse Group
BBS10 - $35

Engraved Collar Tips
3 Pair Engraved Collar Tips
BBM08 - $35

Bargain Barn Beaded Lot of Two turtle pins, one rainbow pin and one medallion
Beaded Pins and Medallion
Vintage - BBS64 - $35

Bargain Barn green stone sterling silver bracelet and ring set
Bracelet and Ring Set
BBS26 - $195
Bargain Barn lot of 9 pair screw-back earrings
Lot of 9 Pair Screw-back Earrings
BBS53 - $50
Bargain Barn five lots of earrings
5 Lots of Earrings
BBS44 - $75
Expansion Band Bracelets with Magnets
Two Expansion Bracelets
with Magnets

BBB35 - $15
Turquoise nugget Bracelet
Group of 3 Bracelets
BBB02 - $35
Seven Rings size 9 to 9 7/8
Lot of 7 Rings
BBR698 - Size 9 to 9 7/8
Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of four necklaces
Lot of 4 Necklaces
BBS40 - $30
Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of four necklaces
Lot of 4 Necklaces
BBS41 - $45
retro hippie belt and choker
Retro Hippie
Beaded Belt and Choker

Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of five necklaces
Lot of 5 Necklaces
BBS38 - $40
Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of five animal items
Lot of 5 Animal Items
BBS39 - $35
Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of buckles and keepers
Lot of 7 Rings size 6 to 9
BBS37 - $35

Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of Two Timex Watches
Two Timex Watches
BBS36- $1

Bargain barn beads and bracelets jewelry group
Beads and Bracelets Lot
BBS11 - $20

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Om Necklace and Earring Set
Om Set Necklace, Earrings
Four Rings size 6 to 6 7/8
Lot of 4 Rings
BBR694 - Size 6 to 6 7/8
two rings size 12
Two Rings
Size 12
BBR663 - $25
Bargain Barn Lot of Cross Pens and Mechanical Pencils
Lot of Cross Pens, Pencils
BBS23 - $25
Vintage Hand carved antler bolo and belt set
Vintage Antler Bolo and Buckle
Cryer Creek Collection
BBS63 - $49
Bargain barn bird symbol group pendants buckle bolo slide
Bird Symbols Group
BBS09 - $40
Bargain Barn lot of 6 vintagae boxes
Six Vintage Boxes
BBS30 - $25
Bargain Barn lot of 5 jewerly boxes
Five Boxes
BBS21 - $35

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What is the Bargain Barn?

Horsekeeping LLC Book and Videos, horse articles, Native American jewelryOur Bargain Barn is a mixed bag of new and used items. They might come from inheritances, estate sales, private collections, and store liquidations. We'll give you as much information as we can, but often the materials, date and origin are unknown.
Bargain Barn items are sold as described and are not returnable.

For vintage items visit our Vintage Shop.

For new items visit our New Jewelry Store. customer commentsNative American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationCustomer Comments

"I was tickled with each and every item. You had them wrapped up so good and safe. They arrived here all just fine. The turtle earrings are great! It is cool the way they're made so they have that glistening look to them." - DE

"Beautiful set of bracelets, exactly as described and very good quality. Thanks !" - Carol

"I received my two purses, the wallet and the seven silver bracelets. Everything was packaged very well, I love EVERYthing, and thank you so much for my purchases. I really like them, they are exactly as pictured, no surprises, except of course how well everything is made and how everything has stood up to the sands of time. I will be perusing your site again, looking for more goodies. Thanks, again!!" - PW

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Our Rescue Mission
Native American Indian Jewerly and Artifacts

We are in the vintage Native American jewelry rescue business and are passionate about finding new homes for used and vintage jewelry and artifacts. That's why we purchase Native American pieces from estates, inheritances, collection downsizing and New Old Stock (NOS) inventory from closed stores.

Often people contact us after taking a box of Native American jewelry to their local pawn shop and find that a pawn shop is mainly interested in melt value of the metals and not in preserving the beautiful historic pieces. To hear that people have considered selling these treasures for melt value makes us truly sad.

Melt value is usually far below what we would offer for the jewelry. Yet we can't pay retail price for items because of the time and cost involved in finding new homes for them. We have to research, often repair and restore the jewelry, photograph and list each item on our website, and sometimes hold pieces in inventory for years until the right buyer comes along.

Items that are not Native American made or that we cannot verify as such go into our Bargain Barn where you can find some real treasures at low prices.

We hope you'll find something special in our vintage shop that will complete yet another circle of our jewelry re-homing mission.

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