Authentic Native American Navajo Sterling Silver Barrette

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Peterson Johnson- Navajo Sterling Silver
Onyx Barrette
HK Item #BAR767

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Peterson Johnson - Navajo
Sterling Silver and Onyx Barrette



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Paula says -

"Peterson Johnson's work is so unique and classy that when you add this barrette to your hair, it will add a stylish finishing touch like no other."

Sterling Silver, Read about silver
Onyx, Read about stones
2 3/4" long
7/8" wide at widest point
26 grams
Curved arrow underneath
Peterson Johnson, Navajo

Peterson Johnson is a self-taught artist who has won numerous awards throughout the Southwest and whose work is sought by collectors around the world. He was born in 1956 and began creating silverwork in 1976. He is very well known for his traditional Navajo jewelry, which shows meticulous workmanship and has a distinctive Peterson flair.

Peterson is known among fellow artists as "the machine" because he is SO meticulous in every detail of his work. The box clasps on his bracelet watches, for example, are finely tuned works of art. All of his jewelry is crafted with skill and precision to last a lifetime and be passed along to many generations.

Peterson and his wife Alyce live in Gallup, New Mexico and travel to art fairs and pow wows year round throughout the USA displaying Peterson's silver work and Alyce's beadwork.

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