Authentic Native American Navajo Sterling Silver Barrette

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Tim Yazzie- Navajo Sterling Silver
Repousse Turquoise Barrette
HK Item #BAR769

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Navajo Sterling Silver barrette

Sterling Silver, Read about silver
Turquoise, Read about stones
3" long
1" wide at widest point
Tim Yazzie, Navajo


Paula says - "Beautiful repousse and stamped sterling silver with satin antique finish. Three beautiful turquoise cabochons set in the center. There is no hallmark visible but often on barrettes it is hidden under the hair clip."

Tim Yazzie - Navajo
Sterling Silver Repousse and Turquoise Barrette

BAR769 - $58 SOLD

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Navajo Sterling Silver barrette

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What is repousse?

A method of embossing metal by stamping and hammering a design from the back to produce a three-dimensional bas-relief surface then polishing the front.

Cabochon. A cabochon is a gemstone that has been smoothly shaped and polished as opposed to being cut with flat facets. This usually results in a stone with a rounded convex top and flat bottom. Opaque gems, such as turquoise are often cut as cabochons, while transparent stones such as diamonds are facetted.

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