Authentic Native American Navajo Sterling Silver Barrette

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Marcella Long- Navajo Sterling Silver
Overlay Gecko Barrette
HK Item #BAR856

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Navajo Sterling Silver barrette

Sterling silver, Read about silver
3" long
1/2" wide at widest point
(hair clip: MADE IN FRANCE)
Marcella Long, Navajo


Paula says - "Very heavy sterling silver bar with Hopi-style overlay. The dark background has the texture lines that add richness to the gecko body.
The gecko is a beloved southwest lizard and Native American symbol of the desert."

Marcella Long - Navajo
Sterling Silver Overlay
Gecko Barrette

BAR856 - $65 SOLD

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Navajo Sterling Silver barrette

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Overlay pieces are made of two layers of sterling silver. The top layer has a cutout design. The solid bottom layer (background to the cutout) is usually accented for contrast. The Navajo silversmiths oxidize the bottom layer which darkens it. Hopi silversmiths oxidize and etch the background (texturize it) with hashmarks. The cutout top layer is placed over the bottom layer and the two pieces are "sweated" together, that is, heated so that they become one. This is a very difficult skill to master.

Lizard can be seen laying in the sun and also scurrying around dark holes and shadows and is seen as the Dream Walker, one who lives in the dream world. Lizard can help us understand subtle messages depicted in our dreams. Lizard has sharp eyesight and hearing and is sensitive to vibrations in the ground and air. Quick reactions enable Lizard to recognize danger and move quickly our of harm's way. Lizard has the power to escape death by leaving its tail behind and growing another one. This teaches that in order to move quickly to avoid danger we may need to leave something dear behind.

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